I Am Who I Am, But Who Am I?

sometimes i feel like i have social ADD.  i have lived in a little town since i was 7, but i feel like i'm always having to tone myself down to communicate with these people. i'm witty and smart, lots of common sense, and kinda lame at the same time. people don't get me sometimes. i just don't know how to be normal, nor am i sure i want to be. people are so superficial and selfish. i like to think i'm a good person who tries to see the good in others, but now i feel like i'm blinded by idiocy and gluttony. i try not to be so negative,  but it's hard to be happy when it's like i'm the only one with any decency left.

Amberlin420 Amberlin420
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Yes NB! that is exactly what is wrong with my ****** little town!! so it's not just here? i'll just have to get to a city PDQ if i want to save my sanity.... good to know!

i grew up in a small town, but left and move to a larger city because of the small minded , selfish attitudes who had nothing to do but gossip.

I don't live in a small town, but I would say it's best to stay true to who you are rather than try to be like someone else. Life is too precious to waste on fakeness.