Statistics Are Inaccurate

All through out school they give us statisics. "children who live below the poverty line are X% likely to live in poverty/do drugs/become a teen parent/drink/smoke/etc", "Children who are molested are more likely to do _______", "Students who live in rural communities are more likely to ____" and more. All these seem to do is make some people just not want to bother. Sometimes i have thought "why bother everything says that i'm not going to get anywhere anyway" but ALL of those statistics were WRONG! sometimes that makes me wonder-where do i fit in. Not that i think that statistics determine the future but to a degree it means that i live outside the norm and thats kinda weird....

Also, I have never fit into ANY category. In high school i once asked a few people "what group do you think i fit in (prep, punk,...whatever)? everyone always said "your you"-but what does THAT mean?

I'm different everyday but i ALWAYS prove people wrong when they think that they can pin down my personality.  Labels aren't really helpful, at least not in my case, sometimes i would like to feel like i fit in somewhere though

firefly21 firefly21
22-25, F
Mar 18, 2009