I'm Pretty and Smart. Why Is That a Problem?

I hate stereotypes! Because I am pretty, people, some people, assume I am stupid or just not intelligent and it makes me so angry sometimes! In my small town, men out number women, and most men seem to believe that I should be passive and cute, not smart and feisty and cute.

I'm not supposed to be educated or hold a good job. I guess most expect me to be at home with kids. I have 2 kids but I am not a stay at home mother!!!!!!

I am not the stereotypical blonde EITHER! I'm smart, pretty, getting educated, a great person, and I am damn proud of it!

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THANK you. I can relate. I am an attractive girl and I like to dress fashionably. I remember in the 7th grade a girl imitated me in a valley girl accent before she ever even heard me speak. I scoffed because I'm positive my vocabulary dwarfs hers. But guys are worse than girls by a loooong shot. Maybe it's long hair, nice clothes, big breasts, I honestly don't know why... and I love when a guy who is trying to sleep with me pieces together that I'm smart, I just love seeing him get that faraway look of disappointment in his eyes. but listen ladies, getting angry gets you nowhere. You can always use peoples prejudice for personal gain. When boys think you're dumber, look vapid and bat an eyelash and homework gets done, workplace mistakes forgiven, etc.

Being in the young culture as an Asian, I'm constantly being judged. I understand how to cope with it, but it's still hard sometimes.<br />
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I just listen to all kinds of music, Pop, Country, Japanese, etc, and it helps to soothe the frustration.

I don't really understand the problem here. You have qualities that many people wish they had but don't.

It's not just small towns. Whole cultures play into that mode of thought. The world is unpredictable and we love control. If we must put people into boxes, particularly those they don't belong in, to maintain our fragmented grasp of "how the(race/gender/religion/nationality) are", the unspoken concensus is "So be it." Lomax, I wish you the best on whatever road you choose.

good for you!!

People assume that if you're pretty, it means you spend a lot of time on your looks, and truth be told, most people who care about their brains, don't spend much time looking in the mirror, because there are better things to do.<br />
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It sucks for those who are just passively good looking, because it's like Pavlov's dogs, ya know? Trained reaction.

Sure... let's stereotype little towns, now. That would help your cause. <br />
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Way to go.

I know what you mean I wouldn't call my self pretty but I look like a typical little blond so people tend to patronize me. I hate it but it was definitely worse in the small town where I lived before i moved to london.

Guilty as charged! I've caught myself making assumptions about pretty women - and handsome men, too - that are more to about having soaked up too many TV stereotypes as a child than anything to do with the living, breathing person standing in front of me. <br />
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That stuff lodges in so deep, its hard to get past it sometimes, just like any other cultural prejudice. <br />
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I'm sorry you run into that crap. Sounds like your head on straight to deal with it.

Most small towns are, by their nature, not very diverse. People have a limited experience dealing with others who are different. That is why so many young people move away from those towns to cities.<br />
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Smart and pretty are a good combo in my mind. Small-minded people aren't worth worrying about, so don't let their opinions get to you. Maybe they are threatened by you. Have a chuckle......You go girl.