I Am What I Am

I am person who wears and enjoy wearing many hats and have many traits and sides of my personality........I love to write, I love looking at beauty, i like looking for the best in everyone and helping to bring it out....I am a survivor of an abuse alcoholic father, a mother who had hard time showing her love as she was fifteen when she had me......I have come through alcohol and drug addiction, was molested as a child, worked in the field of drug and alcohol abuse, rape and ****** counseling, sucide prevention, child abuse and neglect....I am a dominant male, i have some traits that are categories feminine....I like to remodel houses  and decorate them, I love music, the smell of puppy breath, kittens, baby animals, and Vargas and Petty drawings, the Story of O, John Norman books, as well as the classics, and yes I spent three years studying to become an ordain minister.....so I say, I am what I am nothing more and nothing less...been told I am aggressive, anti-social, retain about 95% of everything I  read,  have been married twice, and have survived two heart attacks with little or no damage...

PoppaBear53 PoppaBear53
56-60, M
1 Response Apr 2, 2009

thanks...am learning and hopefully becoming wiser day by day