Hard to Define...

Most people like to put others in neat little boxes - he's an extrovert, she's frumpy, he's geeky, etc, etc. Sometimes people try to put me in a box and are then surprised when I don't quite fit.

I love clothes and fashion, so people think I am going to be shallow, but then realise I also love discussions about philosophy and religion too. I could describe myself as being shallow and deep and think this is an accurate description.

My appearance is usually immaculate... but my room resembles a pig sty.

I volunteer at an orphanage in Africa every summer and have worked with cerebral palsy kids in China. People say "Oh, you are so good..." and then realise I am the perfect person to have a gossip and a ***** with. One afternoon, I will be at cheerleading practice. The next, I will be fundraising for money to help feed the kids at the orphanage.

I am certainly not a stereotypical anything. I like being a walking contradiction. I have many parts to my personality and my life. It makes things more interesting. I put a lot of it down to being a Gemini

Damoiselle Damoiselle
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 2, 2007

Sid 1, I really like the blind men and elephant story you give. However, I never thought I would agree with being called an elephant, but here I think it is a good comparison! :)