i'm graduating from high school tommorrow.

i am labeled as the quiet, snobby, bookworm.


its funny.. because if people took five seconds out of their oh so busy lives to realize that i'm actually a loud obnxious person.. i would have been labeled the class clown..

and you know what's great...

life is like high school.


i cant wait.

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yeah,,even people say that imall complicated and moody in character,,but only some know how naughty and mischievou and lively i Am,,but its just that,,i feel so scared insecure and unconfident,,afraid to show the innocent true side,,because i can see and helpless believe in people so easily,,i get attached to them so soom,,which is my plus and my minus,,and thats why i try to stay lonely mosta the time,,and the result is what i told in the beginning,,life is sometimes so uncontrllably irritating,,and heavily time consuming,, :|

lol! i get same the exact same thing! Only my close friends know how talkactive and funny i am

well seeing as you dont like being judged from immediate appearance i guess id be going too far by assuming your a SOAD fan?

Congrats for graduating but you are wrong in one thing: life is not like high school at all. It may still feel like that for a little time. but you get over it sooner than you think. And the sooner you do, the sooner you open yourself up to new/different ways to experience the world. <br />
In fact, the less your life resembles high school (after it), the more you will feel you did something cool with your life. Good luck.

Well the good thing is you are who you are even if people aren't intelligent enough to realize it! And sterotypes are all over the place I love to blow those things down. Especially when people don't see it coming!

ohh thats hard.. living behind a title that your not.. I was told that I was a looser who knew nothing and couldn't stand up for myself.. well I proved them wrong..