I Have a High Iq and Yet I Feel Stupid

I am a member of Mensa.  I have an IQ of 152, and yet,  I feel stupid and worthless.

I was an underachiever when I was in gradeschool and in high school.  I cannot keep my mind on one thing.  School bored me.  I'd often play hookey.  I'd go home after recess and read the books that I wanted to read.

I'm good at a lot of things, but I'm "a jack of all trades and a master of none," as Shakespeare would put it.  Most of the time, I just feel like a jackass.

Nobody thought that I would be a college dropout.  I was a full scholar at the Ateneo de Manila University, one of the top universities in our country.  I didn't graduate from college because I couldn't focus on my studies.  A lot of things vied for my attention, which was scattered all over the place. 

Last year, I had a major depressive episode.  I was a call center professional.  I knew I was good at my job, but for some reason, I felt stupid.  I also had this nagging feeling that I was about to lose my job although there was no reason for me to worry.  I was always anxious.  I felt that I was always doing something wrong.

I'm now staying in my hometown, in a province hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest city.  Jobs are scarce for college dropouts like me, but I have Internet access so I telecommute.  I do have a job.  I work as a transcriptionist, and again, I have this nagging feeling that I am about to lose my job.  I have been making a lot of mistakes and sometimes, I'm late in submitting my transcripts because I can't focus on my job.   I need to keep this job because I'm the breadwinner of our family.

I went to a psychiatrist last year and I was told that I may have attention deficit disorder (ADD).  She prescribed some medications but I decided against taking them because of the side effects.  I have had gastrointestinal problems before and the medicines she prescribed has some adverse effects on the gastrointestinal system.  Besides, I cannot afford to buy the medicines.

I don't know what to do.  Is there any treatment for ADD that does not require oral medications?

I want to stop feeling like a failure.  Most of my former classmates are now successful professionals here and abroad.  I envy them.  The future seems to be so bleak for me.  I don't know what to do.  Please help me.









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I googled: I have a high IQ and yet I feel stupid and this was the first thing that popped up. I have had an experience similar to what you wrote. How are things going for you now?

I'm 17 with an IQ of 176 yet I am the most messed up, self-loathing, people-hating, evil, feral, beast-person EVER. I have had a number of terrible things happen in my life- I seem attract psychopaths like feces does flies. And though things are better in my life right now, I find that I cannot stand myself. From looks to my mindset, my knowledge of things to my art. I am a creative person, art and music used to help me, as did writing. However, now, NOTHING seems to help! *Tears more hair out.*

I am 13. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and general anxiety. I go to a school for gifted children. I have an iq of 144. I feel so stupid compared to the other children. I'm in the lowest math group. I'm not better than them. Not at anything. My best friend has the same iq as me but she is so good at math and science and electives. My other good friend got to get an internship because of how good her science fair project was. I feel like I suck. Some how I get put in the good groups. When we have projects we get to make our own groups. We did this thing called project citizen. We made a ******* wooden phone. Yah. All i did was smash a computer and put together some posters. I'm a ******* idiot.

2007 the year of my graduation i wonder what happen with you now I have iq 180 and believe me as a woman i am the saddest person i suffer depression anxiety ocd and add people think i'm slow and stupid some times because when they told me something i give a dull expression because it's like iam less surprising of every thing i hear or see every thing seems so so boring i think i live a nightmare i wish if i can just died

Hi, I'm 21, south african and have the same problem. I had problems as a kid, my mom had to take me to some doctor to see what my problem was. I passed matric with a degree, but not enough to get into a university. I had a hard time socialising in any way. I went to college for a degree, dropped out in my second year, and till today, feel like a failure, but feel I can do anything, I even know how to bring profits into big companies, even think up of genius start up ideas. I'm in web development freelancing, and want to open my own business(IT entrepreneur). But now that I know what's wrong with me, I don't know if I'm ready for such a big step.

Hey bluemoon, so 7 odd years after this post, was wondering how you were getting on?

I have the same story as you, Mensa member, slightly lower IQ of 147. Jack of all trades, master of none literaaly as I am a multi skilled tradesperson.

Constantly failing as school as I either just seemed to 'know' answers which wasn't allowed, or I had zero interest in the subject matter. Very active mind which lead to scattering my energies amongst many things instead of being able to focus on one particular passion.

Two things have helped me immensely, and I can say that things are alot clearer since I have been studyoing these two things.

One is Meditation, the other Numerology. Bit new age and wacky as some would say, but really helped to clarify things for me. Be good to know how you are getting on :)

Also I don't believe in ADD. Just a tool used to stereotype problems people like us have so that a failing medical and mental health society can makes sense of it.

Add a response...

This could not describe me more, IQ of 152, ADD, and very socially outgoing in any situation, can make friends really easily, but have trouble keeping longterm friendships, every single part except that I was fortunate enough to have parents that would not let me fail. I graduated in 4.5 years from University of Miami with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Business Administration. I tell everyone I have a minor in Modern Languages but this isn't technically true... I used all my electives in college to become proficient at reading and writing in Spanish, Arabic, and French.... yes English too, although English was my least favorite study, because I hate to read, or just do not have the patience for the time it takes to read thousands of words when I can soak in every symbol in an HD image with a high refresh rate, and no paper cuts from page turning.
I'm a jack of all trades, but a master of none... Constantly told I am too overqualified for any entry level or service industry job, and constantly told I don't fit the profile or have enough experience for the higher qualified jobs, so I decided to make wine, and live as a recluse in wine country out in California, after I bombed out of my last job for having top nation ranking financial statistics, and lowest in the nation ranking customer service scores... Frankly, I just did not have the patience or care to deal with people who just bitched just to get something for free, and thought because I was working for that company I wouldn't be smart enough to figure them out. (Probably why my profits were through the roof)
Anything on E! television just makes me mad because of what I see that it is doing to behavioral tendencies in society and who we are looking up to, same with the show Desperate Housewives... and we wonder why the american averages about as many divorces as kids in their lifetime. I prefer complicated plots and movies that challenge you to think, and you come away learning something, analytical shows on television like Prisonbreak, Homeland, Blacklist, Dexter, with the occasional light hearted yet still intellectually rich Californication.
What the hell should I do with my life...
(CIA is ruled out, had too much fun in college)

Hi i am 15 years old, I go a basic school and I am in low-sets for pretty much everything. I am very quick and imaginative when it comes to writing, I excel in subjects such as: Business Studies and I am ok at ICT. My nurse believes I may be dyslexic, so I had an IQ and part-dyslexia test assessed by the Dyslexia Friendly Head. I scored a mark of 80 out of 100 (80%) the average people had got was 50%. After being stunned by my more than exceptional results, she said I had an IQ of "Waaaay above average". I feel I am indeed intelligent but I tend to hide it because I suffer from the possibility of having Social Anxiety. This one friend of mine always riducules me and calls me a 'crayon muncher' because I am in lower sets than him. Even though I am in the same set as him in Science and get almost all my answers before dhe has even marked them. This has severely lowered my self-esteem and makes me feel stupid and unintelligent. Because my fellow dtudents say i am average or eithet just slow. Please tell me ill be successful. I sldo forgot I get B's in Business (A then A*) So I am brillisnt in it. But I struggle to concrntrate and dray still. I think I may have ADHD but Social Anxiety. please help

OMG! I am 27 and I have the same problem, I have an IQ of 145 yet I cant seem to be able to do anything right with school. I also have ADD. I have found that surrounding yourself with friends that seem to genuinely like you and have similar goals as you helps and also friends that you feel co-dependent with because, them depending on you gives you a sense of self worth and boosts your ego which makes you strive to do better. My friends are also my study buddies so my academic abilities come into play often. I'm kinda like the primary brain of the group and they are my social 'heart'.
By the way, next time you have a depressive episode, tell yourself that it is self pity and you're above that. That's what I started telling myself and I found that it helps. I avoid spending time with my high school mates because every time I meet them they have that judgemental look and I feel bad...so I just ignore them to avoid that gutting feeling of envy.
So...non medicine related help for ADD is for you to surround yourself with people that dont make you feel stupid, friends that boost your self esteem BUT you must also be the same kind of person to them, this includes lovers, partners or spouses.
I hope that was helpful.

OMG! I am 27 and I have the same problem, I have an IQ of 145 yet I cant seem to be able to do anything right with school. I also have ADD. I have found that surrounding yourself with friends that seem to genuinely like you and have similar goals as you helps and also friends that you feel co-dependent with because, them depending on you gives you a sense of self worth and boosts your ego which makes you strive to do better. My friends are also my study buddies so my academic abilities come into play often. I'm kinda like the primary brain of the group and they are my social 'heart'.
By the way, next time you have a depressive episode, tell yourself that it is self pity and you're above that. That's what I started telling myself and I found that it helps. I avoid spending time with my high school mates because every time I meet them they have that judgemental look and I feel bad...so I just ignore them to avoid that gutting feeling of envy.
So...non medicine related help for ADD is for you to surround yourself with people that dont make you feel stupid, friends that boost your self esteem BUT you must also be the same kind of person to them, this includes lovers, partners or spouses.
I hope that was helpful.

With your I.Q comes an inherent legacy! I know the frustration of uncertainty in any place of work and other aspects of life and you most likely question your own worth amongst others.You say you're a Jack of all trades,remember Confucius said learn to play the flute but no too well!

Your tackling the problem wrong.

It's not ADD.

It's the fact that your self-worth is partially defined by your work. We do have to work. It's unavoidable, but having to work in a call centre isn't possible for you (no more than the patent job had for Einstein in Bern).

Get a job that requires more thought; something truly involving. Ask yourself, "what's my passion?", and then turn that into your own self-motivator.

All ADD meds are going to do is dumb you down.

It's all bullshit my friend. Unfortunately we live in a world designed to be acceptable for mean IQ people. Higher intelligences question the stucture of the assignment initially because we've already finished the assignment. Later on when the boredom sets in we've already given up learning anything from these clowns. <br />
And so it goes.<br />
Decide indepently now what your personal goals are and then decide which University you need to go to make that happen. It's amazing the difference in motivation when you have a personal goal to work towards. Be ambitious. Follow your actual nature rather than the one beat into you by the third rate education you recieved.<br />
I grew up in similar manner to you. Spent some time in a remedial class because I was so bored in primary school.<br />
Since getting my degree in computer science I'm now global lead application developer for a market leading oil services corporation.<br />
It's just a matter of deciding in what endevour you would actually enjoy achieving in.<br />
The rest is a means to an end.<br />
Luv and Peace.<br />
PPS I spent about 4 years in a complete psychological wilderness including six months total in mental hospital for recurrent psychotic depression. I was absolutely ba<x>seline suicidally depressed for a month or so. Suicide watch 24/7. <br />
No matter how bad you feel there is a way to a completely different life. It's just a matter of making it something you really want to work towards. When it's your own honest goal it never feels like work.<br />
PS. My IQ was only 138. You'll be fine.<br />

I have a High iq too but yet i dont feel that smart...... But i feel different

I was not an underachiever in school, in fact, I made remarkably high grades. I never opened a book or studied. I listened as best I could in class; often my mind wandered to something more interesting, and then back to listening to the instructor. Repeatedly, every 5 minutes or so: teacher, then something else, back to teacher, then something else. My mind raced with millions of thoughts, yet tuning in for just a few minutes brought me back to the topic being taught. As I progressed through grade school, I became more bored with useless chatter. I was accused of cheating on tests many times, but no one could prove anything. They just couldn't figure out why I was usually one of the first to finish, and one of the top scores. My IQ was high at the age of 10, and still again at 16. I dropped out of school and got my GED. Master of all trades? Yes, that was me. I never had a job longer than 2 years because I went as high as I could on that ladder. Over and over I was told I needed a degree to advance in the company. So I went back to school at 25. College was much different, faster paced, easier to stay focused for longer periods (20 min). Still, after a year or so, I quit. Again, high grades: 4.0 GPA. Went back a second time at 30, same thing.<br />
<br />
I've been back in college (now for the third time) for a few years, and I'm 41 yrs old. I find it much more difficult now to focus. I read and study, but don't remember what I just read. I don't learn by memorization; I learn by understanding how it all works and fits together as a whole. Understanding concepts? 4.0. Memorization? I'll be lucky to pass the class. I couldn't figure it out: I used to just listen and know it. Math and science took no effort at all, but the other subjects were painstakingly difficult. I was about to kicked out of the program all together until I went to see my Doctor.<br />
<br />
I have been recently diagnosed with ADD. Although it is now considered ADHD to simplify psychology, my problem is Attention Deficit and not hyperactivity. I take presc<x>ription meds. I started on a low dosage and worked my way up to an average dose, but did it so gradually that my body had a chance to become used to it. Yes, there are side effects, especially GI. But gradual increases over a long period of time has helped tremendously. Before being diagnosed, I tried natural remedies, as I believe strongly in these, but they all made me feel jittery and nervous.<br />
<br />
With several different types of neurotransmitters, it's trial-and-error to find out which one is deficient, and also where the deficiency actually lies: the neurotransmitter itself or the receptors... or the enzymes that break down used neurotransmitters. It's not an easy feat to accomplish, but trying several different medications at very gradual increases would probably be the best bet. It may take months of side effects and different meds, but once you find the right drug and dosage, you'll be elated :)<br />
<br />
I've spent 40+ years learning to cope, and compensating for my deficiencies. After all, that's what we do in our Asian culture: deal with it quietly as no one can know you are having problems because it is shameful and a disgrace. I will continue to take my meds while climbing my educational ladder. Once that is complete, I'll discontinue the meds and revert back to my learned coping skills. Taking medications are not good for your body; if it is necessary for a while then so be it.<br />
<br />
Good luck in finding what works best for you. There is no simple fix, nor an easy answer. Just know that your intelligence is not reflected by your attention span, and vise-versa. Work on building coping skills, relaxation techniques, Intensively stimulating activities, regular exercise, and a healthy nutritional diet. You'll find your balance; it just takes time and perseverance. I wish you the best!

Hi, I'm a guest but reading some of you guys' stories made me think that I to may not be stupid, I may be intelligent after all and have just ignore academics for so long because of a lack in the 'interest factor'. I took a test today; my IQ is only 136 but the average is between 95-100 so it makes me feel a little bit better.

i know exactly what you feel. although unlike you i was an overachiever in school mainly because i was trying to overcompensate for what i perceived as my "shortcomings." every time i felt bad for myself mostly when i was comparing myself to others, i thought, "it's okay. i am smart anyway." things changed in college. like you, i went to an esteemed university where, as expected, everybody is smart. i was going for a laude when my dreams were dashed after i failed to meet some academic requirement. i didn't finish my pe classes within the required period of time, and i had to drop out of a couple of subjects because i had to work. anyway point is I have been trying to get rid of the book-smart me. i have been trying to peel off the appellations I used to conceal or deny the real me. i want to see myself for who i really am and maybe appreciate myself in the process. sometimes we hide behind a façade we created trying to meet society’s expectations. secretkeeper is right. smart means many things. above all it means knowing what you want and going for it no matter what. all the medals and awards i foolishly fought tooth and nail for did nothing to help myself. beneath them i was a self-hating weakling who made herself and other people miserable. i work a crappy job and don’t aspire to be rich. I don’t dig the whole yuppie thing. so what? i got the people i admire and i’m going to be a really good writer.<br />
maybe it’s time you reconsider your priorities. listen to yourself. reason I don’t attend high school reunions is I don’t want to compare. you define your own success. be smart by perceiving things in a brave new way. <br />
always here when you need someone. *hugs*

join the army. find the focus. did the job for me. kept me focused during Uni and I have an Engineering degree. I too have high IQ (which Iv just found today. Top 2% in the world) any ways I never worked hard at studies but when I did I got really good grades. Iv found the army teaches you how to channel yourself to an ob<x>jective and a lot of other good things. It changes you for the better. if army is not your thing, try and get some focus some where else. concentrate on your goals career wize and make something out of your life you worthless pos. Lol just kidding. grow up. All smart people find it hard to focus because everything intrigues them and studding is kind of limiting oneself at times because its just about the subject they are reading about. But You have only one life dont waste the gifted brain and use it somewhere. Best of luck....

I see the original post was in 2007 how about an update? I would like to see if our lives are still paralleling each other. If they are I am a bit older. so even if I can't answer the original question I can tell you what's next.

Sounds to me like you may be an Aspie. I was misdiagnosed my whole life and I have above average intelligence. I know how you feel, but at least you are not a late bloomer. You should honor what you have and who you are. My uncle during the cold war made contributions in Science and at the time out of 6 Mathematicians in the country he was one of them. He graduated Magna *** Laude and taught Calculus at the University Of New Mexico. I have genius in my family, it's in our blood. You have to remeber you are never alone in your struggles. Bill Gates,Einstein, Newton, to name a few all were exceptional people who struggled to get where their at and made major contributions to this world. Where would we be without Microsoft? You are blessed, get past the bullshit and go for a second opinion if you have too. And youyr smart to stay off head drugs!

You are an indigo child. A very special human being born upon this Earth to perform great deeds. Your time is coming and soon everyone will realise how much of a special person you are.

Hello, I find your situation pretty interesting and the comments even more so. The first thing that came to mind was that you mentioned an high IQ. I wondered if you feel that you are suppose to be a certain way; Meeting others expectations or society norms. I have similar feelings every now and then and yet the necessities of life often gets my attention or else.<br />
How do you make a living? Are you content with yourself or do you feel that you are not meeting up to what you know you're capable of doing.<br />
In todays society we face all kinds of so called illnesses. I truly feel that much of what is happening in the medical field has little to do with curing a person and making them whole, but more so towards making a profit, and conducting business as normal. For example ADD, how many other diagnosis are within this catagory? And who determines the course of action toward recovery through this trail and error period? Its another world!!! You're intelligent, what does that mean to you? You can make good decisions, maybe for the short term, they don't have to be that long termed but at least you can decide for your self. All I am saying is, who is the judge? Even with ADD you can still live a successful life, full of meaning, energy and love. I pray that if there be a need for inner healing, let it be so. If there is pain and hurt within you because of words and actions from past events that hinder you from progressing, Please Lord help them ! Let there faith found in this one today to soar above the circumstances and the fears. That you God Almighty may be glorified through this individual. In the name of Jesus! I wish you well and that you come to love the most important person here.....Yourself :-)

ADD is often diagnosed wrong. I suspect it here. I've found (thank universe) a psychologist who is cursed with a high iq himself (or blessed, from my perspective) and, because i never told him i had high iq, he told me he wanted to test me. <br />
<br />
I was tested twice before, but didn't find out what the problems of high iq are. ADD and high IQ have very similar effects. <br />
<br />
Knowing the problem is half the battle. I'm not sure i can overcome my problems, but i now know i create some myself out of boredom. Also, i dumb down - a lot - and i facilitate relationships by being what i should be as a friend.boyfriend/collegue. <br />
<br />
One thing i know; peers are important! If you can be yourself, around high IQ people, you will find relief and comfort.

Hi, I know the post is kind of old, but I can't help but comment. I totally can relate to you. Although my IQ is 17 points lower, it is still well above average. I like EVERYTHING - math, science (pretty much all of them "hard" and "soft"), music, art, computer science and related fields, economics, finance, history, foreign lang's, etc. ETC! - everything except literature). I'm pretty good with most of that stuff too, but not spectacular at a damn thing. I've considered becoming an accountant or actury, a research scientist (not sure if I wanted to get spacy with astronomy or do something in biotech related to antiaging but was interested in both), going into one of the health professions (mainly vet but my academic record is too erratic to get in being that is is super competitive), or becoming a writter... Right now I'm doing substitute teaching (stuff changes from day to day but getting bored isn't usually an issue but the pay and attitude problems of the students sucks). Being smart probably isn't too bad, but being smart and sensitive is hell.

I think you do have ADD, I do, and have similar symptoms. The medications are stimulants. You will find that you can focus on things that really interest you because those things give you an adrenaline boost. <br />
Coffee works for me. Stimulants actually relax or calm people with ADD. You stop being a speed ball bouncing off the walls and can concentrate.<br />
If coffee relaxes you it will probably work or you could try those stay awake and alert drinks.<br />
It also sounds like you have depression and the anxiety that often goes along with ADD. The drugs to fight that have some crappy side effects too.<br />
If you can get the ADD under control the depressiona and anxiety may ease up on their own, as the are often caused by the feelings of failure you get when you screw up because you can't stay focused.<br />
Willing to talk if you want to message me.

Wow! I could have written this, Know you are not alone. I would seek a 2nd opinion on the ADD. Doctors are not all knowing gods and ADD is a simple answer for what appears to be a multi faceted problem. I find that a daily dose of the B vitamins help me focus. Remember only you can make you happy. Don't let others<br />
misconceptions of sucess define what you think you should be. To be rich is to know you have enough.

When I read your comment, I thought I was reading an autobiography. Although my I.Q. is only 136, I also have trouble staying focused and have gastroentestinal problems. The medication they gave me was giving me tension headaches. I attempted to self medicate with marijuana (I know that sounds stupid), it helped me alot, but the short-term memory loss made it too much to handle. I have now stoped using it (for medication) and am going to go back to the doctor to see if there is anything else that might work.<br />
Don't let your self get overwhelmed in the details and try to stay positive by telling yourself things like; I am not stupid, just too smart for my own good. Or, I will not allow this condition to beat me.<br />
I hope you atleast feel better knowing that you are not alone. <br />
Peace and Love

It seems to me that you treat your Inteligence as a burden instead of a gift. It seems that friends and family expected more.<br />
I am 45 years old. I still own nothing, my family constantly expects me to achieve more. (My IQ is 148 but who's counting?) What they don't understand is that I have lived my life the way I want to. The only thing that I have ever needed to travel through life is a back-pack and the interaction with people.<br />
Depression has never been a part of my life so I can't relate to that, however there is one thing that I know.<br />
<br />
People will try to box you in to an area of expectation which might not necesarilly be the area that makes you happy.<br />
<br />
I might be wrong but I sense that you have been boxed in. Which in turn brings on depression and that further justifies peoples intent to keep you in that box.<br />
<br />
Anyone with your intellect could easily put that back pack on and go. The question is are you brave enough?<br />
<br />
Stop your medication and find out because there is an amazing world out there.

I doubt I can give you better advice than those who commented before me, but for what it's worth, this is what I think:<br />
<br />
You need to let go of what you "should" do. It sounds to me like all of your life you've been defying the norm, only to feel guilty about it later. Do not feel guilty for being different. This world is full of standards and confined boxes that we're all expected to place ourselves in. Be thankful that you're truly "not your stereotypical anything". Take a while and really consider what you want to do with your life... Maybe your intellect would be better utilized if you weren't constantly trying to use it. Perhaps a simple job, something labor-based, will bring you the peace you seek. And always remember, you're only a failure if you think you are.

having similar life experiences, it is my opinion that you do not suffer from true depression but suffer from constant anxiety. I'm wondering if you are introverted and need to fully understand what it means to be an introvert and how to manange your introversion. Look into personality types as described by Carl Jung. What I have learned so far is that some personality types have a hard time fitting in to our engaging extroverted society. The most one can do is to understand and manage thier own thoughts and actions to make it through the day.

Wow! I don't think you have ADD, I feel something else is going on, and there are alot of people who share your feelings. I did a stupid thing myself, I let my Mother effect my life. I always wanted to be a therapist, my mother made me feel like I owed a college degree to her so she could brag and be proud of me. The thing is she always made it known that she isin't proud of anything unless she could brag about it. I couldn't stand her bragging, shes a true snob. I didn't go to college, I couldn't bare to her her say she was proud of me, I just couldn't do it. I have been very successful in my life, everything has gone very well. My Mother has never said she is proud of me, and still brings up the fact that I didn't go to college, and its been over 32 years. I would have liked going to college and would have felt great being a therapist. I wish I knew then what I have realized now. You will find the answer, I'm sure. In the meantime don't be so hard on yourself.

obviously, being a smartypants has nothing to do with emotional stability . Self worth,happiness ,direction,quality of life,EVERYBODY struggles with these,even your "successful"friends,they just dont want you to know it. Perhaps you feel like a dumb jack *** because you've been labeled a "genius "and you cant live up to it.You need to get over that and not let it dictate your life, and your not ADD, your just creatively unsatisfied .Your health issues are a direct result of you emoitional stress.You dont need pills, you need to do something that makes you happy, and I dont mean a job.

I think deep down inside theres always going to be a part of you that wants a challenege. <br />
Youve never felt challenged so you are and have been creating obsticles your whole life.<br />
<br />
also, maybe your parents expected too much from you when you were little and you have anxiety issues of failure. <br />
<br />
you also figure that you made too many mistakes and you cant afford anymore. <br />
<br />
maybe your just depressed ?

Bluemoon,<br />
i think you should consider other causes for your problems. ADD has been over-diagnosed and over-medicated. I think you show clasic symptoms of depression, and that can be treated with less volitile medications and therapy. The fact that you were an underachiever in high school, yet managed to get a scholorship tells me that your problem is not ADD. Perhaps you have a simple chemical imbalance due to a poor diet, or you abuse alchohol or drugs. Perhaps you have had a tramatic childhood experience. Regardless of the problem, you sound like you are smart enough to seek the answer further than that of one diagnosis. Keep looking. The solution is available. Good luck.

For my son caffeine helped<br />
I found St. Johns Wort , Ginko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Skullcap.<br />
Check out this web site <br />

My husband is in the same situation; he's drowning in it actually. It sucks because we're being driven into the poor house for his lack of direction. He also seems to think that getting any kind of menial job would drive him permanently insane due to boredom and having to deal with people. He is a high testosterone individual and doesn't have much patience. <br />
<br />
So if I knew exactly what to tell you I would be telling it to my husband right now. As I see it, it's like a chemical reaction in which the energy of activation is very high, but whose rate will increase exponentially after passing the highest energy point. Being who we are, we should know that once we're already in there DOING something we will succeed at it. It's just getting into it that's so rough, and unfortunately the education system wasn't built for us. <br />
<br />
As far as depression and anxiety are concerned, hormonal imbalances cause irrational thoughts and behaviors. Methods of correcting these imbalances without drugs include adopting a rigorous exercise regime and eating the right kind of diet. I'm doing some research in school right now that studies the effect of diet on ADD. So far we've found out that avoiding food dyes and preservatives is important, and supplementing with Omega-3 fatty acids helps with it a great deal. That would be my recommendation.<br />
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btw, if I sound like a brochure it's because I'm studying to be a dietitian.

It's supposed to be a typical quality of people who have a high IQ to be easily distracted and not to be able to find a specific are of interest. Multifaceted is the term. Actually although you think you are not good at anything in particular but you are ok at many things it would surprise you how hard it is for any person to get at your level at any of such things. Think about it!

Here's the thing. Having a high I.Q. is not the same as being 'smart'. I can remember going to school with countless people who were simply book-smart. By that I mean that they would study for hours to achieve perfect marks. They worked hard for those grades, but in fact all they ever did was memorize the subject matter by way of repetition. Things like that come naturally to a person with a high I.Q. However, we also bore relatively easy. We don't feel as if we are truly being challenged, so we don't want to do the work involved. If we aren't excercising are brains the way we want to, then we want nothing to do with it. I've seen it happen a million times. Oh, and I am proof positive to the fact. I dropped out of high school at 17 because I got so bored with it that I didn't feel the need to go. Two weeks later I took my G.E.D. test and ended up graduating as valadictorian with absolutely no work at all. All I had to do was prove that I was as smart as someone graduating high school. :) I've taken some college classes, but honestly I still don't know what direction I want my life top go in career-wise. Know what I'm doing right now to pass the time until I make up my mind? I'm delivering pizzas for a local pizza shop, and I LOVE it! I have money everyday and free food, and I get to drive around in my car and get paid! :D

Wow...I can relate alot to your story. I'm one of those people who can do alot of things well but don't know how on earth to settle down and concentrate on just one thing to be an expert in. There's just too many things I love. I did read this book that helped me realize that I wasn't a total freak-show. It's called "Refuse to Choose" by Barbara Sher. It went along way to helping me figure myself out. I'd never read or heard of anything that explained exactly what I was until then. I know they have it on Amazon.com. There's another book called " The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One" by Margaret Lobenstine. I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to look for it. Hang in there. You're not alone. :)

There are new treatments for ADD that include a small ball on a peice of tape that is placed behind the ear, throughout the day it sends shocks into the brain. Mostly magnetic. Other treatments would be simple things like chewing gum, anything that makes you have something to do that can help you stay occupied.