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I am the strangest person I know!  People look at me and think they have it figured out.  I can tell by the way they begin to talk to me.  Then I talk back and they get some really interesting looks on their faces.  One of my favorite things to do is get them rolling on politics and pop their bubble by revealing that I'm on "the other side".  Hours of endless entertainment.
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isnt strange a label too? Just saying...people like us call ourselves strange and different...but so does everyone else, if were all strange and different, dont we all fall into the same catagory in some way? just figured id throw out a different perspective, I do that sometimes.

Hi Mindwarper!
Different perspectives are quite appreciated. :) Yes it is a label! But it's one I've chosen (after much thought) for myself that I could be comfortable with since it can be pretty ambiguous. Consider that what one considers "strange" might be completly normal to someone else. It's quite relative. But openly labeling one's self strange makes people wonder just exactly how strange you are. It makes them think a little and therefore less likely to pigeon-hole you. Did I make sense?

Perfect sense, really just wanted to see what you said. I know alot of people who would (and have) freak out from saying that...
Im glad you see the relativity of such a thing though, instead of assuming once were all different we all are the same.

Hi SarahTM,<br />
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Isn't it sad, that a mask even has to be considered to ease your way in the world? As long as there are folks who can't handle people who can't/won't conform to their norms and are threatened by such, those who can't stand rejection above anything else will stay behind their masks and never come out! Well fortunately, I learned (rather the hard way) that rejection isn't fatal so I hide the mask as little as possible nowadays. The sooner I show my true self, the happier (and easier) things can be. Sometimes it takes a little while. There will always be somebody who doesn't like the truth of who you are but that's life.

Don't you love putting on the mask and then jumping out from behind it?! That's absolutely my favorite! Now don't get me wrong, I don't wear this mask unless I have to. That's generally in my work place or similar areas of my life. This only relates to situations, like in my work place, where people put enormous pressure on you to conform to a standard. So you do, flawlessly, only leaving a small hint or trace that it might not be what it seems. And then *POW*! Peek-a-boo! It's me!

Thanks Hansarp! You're right on.<br />
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7thunders, I fear you misunderstand. This is not about being willfully contrary. This is about people assuming-- before even hearing a word that comes out of your mouth, or before you can prove or disprove yourself with your actions--who you are, what you're about, and what you'll ever be able to be. This is about narrow-mindedness about the people you meet. This is about being unable or unwilling to treat people as individuals. This is about taking the easy way out and being beholden with generalities at the expense of the truth with who a person really is.

I think just about every poster here is pretty much a stereotypical nut case except one or two...WarriorNun, we must give up trying to explain what the antithesis of stereotype is, it is beyond them. I say this not in a sense of superiority; just observation.<br />
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I am INTJ..1% of general population. I am two standards (and a little more) of deviation above 'normal' IQ - 2% of general population. Stereotypes by definition fit a larger, more 'standard' percent of the general population or they wouldn't be stereotypes. <br />
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This is simply an accident of circumstance. I was born this way and am not conceited about it...I accept it and go on. At least 98% of the 'general stereotypical population' is just not going to get me. (or you apparently WarriorNun)<br />
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I haven't been on EP for a while and am amazed and some of the nonsense I have just read on your post...<br />
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Keep on being who you are; you're great.

Im sorry you lost me at INT J...I filled the J with "junction" thinking of Final Fantasy 8...
no but on a serious note...
98%? I think your exaggerating! Surely more stereotypical people will get what your saying! Where do you get this number?

All people like their own opinions of themselves and others and justify accordingly. Some people think individually; others, community-style. I'm reclusive by choice and enjoy it, but I don't disagree with people just to get a reaction because Ive read their minds and somehow know what they're thinking about me (insecurity, low self-esteem?). I'm somehow not gifted with that magic insight you're talking about so I'd rather not interact in a mean way. I would rather be helpful or insightful. But that's just me.

Yet another who has missed the point.... So very sorry to hear.

If you like to have fun at other peoples' expense, read up on sociopaths/psychopaths/portals and perhaps you will learn something you won't be so proud of to admit....

I forgot to ask. Are you stereotypically, or non-stereotypically strange? You seem like one of those people who eschew stereotypes...

I think i've got you figured out. someone comes up to you all figurey-outy and generally you'll take whatever they say as a generalization. <br />
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by the way, sorry! i've posted in this thread. now you know me. i can tell you that i'm stranger than you. you can say otherwise, but i'll just say you're generalizing. because generally that's the easiest way for people to describe people. I completely understand that you might try and make the giant leap from 'not being what stupid people imagined me as' to 'strange'... it's warm, cozy, feels good.<br />
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- Being a "stereotypical anything" relies on more than disagreeing with people who think they have you figured out. I think you're overlooking the subjectivity of self-perception. There's plenty of things I'd like to believe about myself -strange can be one of these things- but wanting them doesn't make it so.

Hmmmm well I am just me... nothing more, nothing less.... just me.

why are you on here? fannying around when you should be out havin fun!

why are you on here? fannying around when you should be out havin fun!

Very nicely put! I appreciate your insight!

I find it extremely ironic that lith and spitshinecomfy are doing exactly what they are riduculing you for doing. Lith is saying that you should be secure enough to not care what others think of you while shoving what he thinks of you down your throat and EXPECTING YOU TO CARE! Spitshinecomfy is accusing you of being conceited because you believe yourself to be different while stating that everyone is basically the same so if you feel that you are different in any way you're not, when actually by her definition if you sense that you ARE different in this carbon copy world that would make you "special". Ironically still she totally missed the humility in your statement "I am the strangest person that I know" but instead decided to label you conceited when she is also the one who labeled you special. Not only that I dont recall the poster asking for opinions, she was confessing her actions. I thought this site was geared toward people who want to make open and confidential confessions for the sake of experiencing that freedom without being judged. I didnt know that the topics had to be pre-approved by the masses or the individual would be jumped on and villified. You two need ask yourselves why you felt so threatened by someone feeling the need to express her disgust at being incorrectly sized-up by setting the record straight in a polite way. YOu seemed to suggest that she doesnt have the right to defend her charactor or that because she is sick of being a book judged by it's cover that she is somehow flawed. And why pray tell would you prefer that the unimaginative, judgemental individuals that stereotyped her be left ignorant instead of being tought a very valuable life lesson? You may be thinking that you are going to respond to my comment by asking me why I felt the need to defend her so I will save you the trouble by responding. Because I too have been stereotyped because of my appearance. Frankly, I am sick and tired of people treating me like I have no brain! Im tired of being spoken down to as if I couldnt possibly have anything else to contribute to the world besides what they can see physically. So if I want to clue them in on the fact that I have a high I.Q. and a college degree then I will and I shouldnt be the one judged for correcting the judger. Get off your high horse(s) and stop hating people for having what you apparently lack, High self-esteem.

Wow! You go girl! (I'm assuming you're a girl!)

Most people look at me and think I'm an airhead because I have red ringlets and look a lot younger than I am. At 23 I ran a medical records department, at age 12 I knew more about politics and current events than my teacher. I hate it when people make assumptions merely based on appearances.

Oh I see... Well they deserve it then. Kudos for not only refusing to be stereotyped but also for setting the ignorant straight.

When people approach me thinking that they have me "all figured" out, I don't really set out to mess with their heads. After I'm done marveling at all their generalizations, I just tell them the truth and when they figure out that their assumptions about me are wrong, they usually (that is the smart ones) admit even if only to themselves that they've pre-labeled me or they get mad because I don't fit into their little almighty and infallible status quo.

I think it's hilarious that you like to play mind games...hey to each his own. What a hoot, if someone did that to me I would laugh at their effort and difuse the situation by turning the tables on them, regarding a completely different subject.

Bravo, WarriorNun...well said.

Yep, we mostly really don't mind. And because we don't mind, it apparently makes others really seem to mind. And it's really not so much about personalities per se either, although that can play a part. It's more about defining cultural 'norms' that people automatically assume about you. Some people simply can't handle differences well and are honestly confounded if you aren't something they don't recognize.

Sigh, it is sad to me that individuality has come to mean conceit in some minds. 'Generally' implies stereotypical doesn't it???<br />
<br />
There are those of us who stand outside the 20 types. Conceit has absolutely nothing to do with it; we cannot help who we are. Yes, people DO have difficulty interacting with us; we mostly do not mind.

I think that sometimes, this quality is bad.. because for me at least.. i find all people have certain personalities that are similar, like there are generally about 20 different kind of personalities in one culture... and certain personalities get along with each other but when you're the rare ones, people find it more difficult to interact with you... <br />
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p.s. would someone enlighten me to why any person who claims they are different are? I mean, technically everyone is.. but really, what makes you so extremely different, special, and maybe better. It all seems quite conceited to me.

I am very sad to see that you've completely misunderstood what I am trying to say. This isn't about shouting anything from the rooftops or anywhere else. And it CERTAINLY isn't about being unhappy with myself. This is about the average human being taking the easy road intellectually with how they people assume people are with absolutely no in their minds for deviation. <br />
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Trust me I am so not worried about what people think. Not by a mile. Couldn't care less. Haven't for years. What I do care about is people writing me off simply because of what they see making no effort whatsoever to see beyond the surface. I actually read something to that effect about the elections coming up that there are groups who assume that people in a certain demographic will all vote one way while another group will vote another way. Like it's a given fact. Please!! Give humans some credit for being individuals. That's what ticks me off. Do we get that yet?

they use the "majority rules ideology" to come up with how certain regions will vote.......

say you have 10 people, and 8 out of ten will vote republican, 2 percent left vote democrat... since 8 out of 10 vote republican they rule the stats.... its a simple way of predicting out come of votes without going into details of each individual person/grp.... it would be time consuming to do other wise.

Yes we are all unique.....but must one shout it from the rooftops....or write comments that sound like one's shouting it? If we dont like being stereotyped, why are we so worried about what others think of us...? Would it not be easier to let it go - their opinion (or what WE think their opinion is - and how do we know anyway?), what we think they're thinking of us...they may not care 2 hoots who or what we are, let alone what we THINK we are. Surely we can relate to others without worrying about their adverse effect on us, ie, do they/do they not think I am different? Or do they in fact care at all..and how do I feel about that? - because the very fact that one feels the need to express their uniqueness so vehemently displays a certain kind of fear, does it not...? It's ok to be different, but it's also ok to not give a **** what others think of you, surely? Why allow someone else to cut up your peace by their (imagined or not) formed/forming an opinion of where you are in life or what you're about? Why worry - when you could simply enjoy the interaction, enjoy them for their uniqueness also? Everybody has freedom to have an opinion, but all also have the freedom to choose not to concern themselves with others' opinion. I am who I am regardless of what people think of me and I feel no burning need to tell them so....or do I? People like me, stereotyped or not, walk by these sites, read a bit and move on because it's not worth our time and effort to voice an opinion (- dont have hangups I'm afraid, but I'm still special even if I dont allow hangups to define me.), however, I signed up this once (much as I am usually loth to give attention to those who want it) to say it's ok people, you can be different without worrying about what 'other people' think of you.....but then there goes your fun, doesnt it - heavens, you might have nothing to talk about - oops, now there's a thought...! Just get over yourself already, the person you think is judging you as you converse with him/her receives your vibe loud and clear - and its not about being different, my friend, its about being unhappy in yourself; while you might think they're busy forming an opinion, the shutters coming down could simply be an indication of them picking up your discordant vibe and deciding it's not their issue - deciding you've given yourself enough attention already - you dont need theirs we get it yet...?! Get over yourself already. Life flows on no matter how big a wave you try to make.

Oh yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And no, you don't have to grow up. If nothing else, the rest of the world has the growing up to do. I've had to embrace the fact that I am just different in that regard and there's nothing wrong with how I'm made. And as for the people in my life, those who really care about me have a tendency adjust to my inability to be just "one thing" and realize that's part of my charm. :) What's the phrase? "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. "<br />
<br />
But I realize it can be a pain until you run into such people who can accept you as you are.

I feel the same way!!! I HATE walking through a situation, day, place, whatever, and thinking that everyone is looking at me and putting me in their little labeled slot.<br />
I look for opportunities to shake them up. Make them look outside their narrow paradigms of "HOW THE WORLD IS" and really see me, or you, or anyone for who they really are. Make them use their brain!

we are all born original, one of a kind. It is after we begin thinking that we join groups. Some only belong in a very few groups others belong to many. I fit in many because I chose to experience as much as possible. jerryhill

Its great to be the oddball because it shakes things up!!! remember America was not shaped or defined by going along with the crowd. It was because someone said I want it my way!!!!!

Yes, read the book and then judge!

I can totally relate! (smile) One should never judge a book by it's cover. The first pge can be full of surprises.

Thankyou. <br />
Mystery is everything to me.<br />
<br />
Kit<br />
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Wow, certain folks don't seem to get it at all! How do you figure I or anyone else high horse when people assume they think they know you? If nothing else, it's annoying. It's a fact that some people simply just are a mix-mash and mingling of things (some conflicting in the mind of others who believe people ought to all be ONE WAY) and there are a great many people who don't want to take the time to think about treating you as an individual but like another member of some comfortably pre-labeled herd because of the cozy shallowness of their own inability to not see past the things they recognize.

I liked to play the devils advocate too. Do not do it to often or you will regret it.

Oh come off your high horse already. People are just trying to relate to you - it's the nature of community. What makes you so much more unique and special that you have to treat every conversation like your own personal game? So many 'individuals' are hiding behind a shield of too-cool-for-schoolness, because they can't be bothered getting to know anyone else and are too rigid and scared to open up and acknowledge that just because someone doesn't wear their bleeding-heart on their sleeve, they're not important or intelligent or different in their own way. For such out-there people, such 'individuals' are among the most closed-minded people I know!

I hate when people try to lump me into some steriotype of a girl. I just want to be myself and I am the most crazy person I know! I like it and I like to be spontaneous and do whacked out things when the urge takes me. I hate it when people get frustrated with me for not "fitting in". Who cares?!? I'm not the president's wife for crying out loud. Everybody should be original, not just another automaton droid. *snicker*