Don't Assume Anything! You Don't Know Me...

That i'm young/a student doesn't mean i smoke/experiment with drugs/drink.

That i'm pretty doesn't mean i' m stupid

That i read a lot doesn't mean i'm a geek

That i'm black does mean i'm ghetto/poor/have a baby daddy(none,thank u very much!)

That i actively participate in class doesn't mean i study at night

That i'm rich doesn't mean i'm a snob

That i've never been heartbroken doesn't mean i have a 'heart-of-stone'

That i'm Originally Nigerian doesn't mean i'm fraudulent

That i love to spend time by myself doesn't mean i'm lonely

That i'm bisexual doesn't mean i'm 'confused' 

That i buy expensive stuff doesn't mean i'm a spendthrift/extravagant/show-off

That i'm not skinny/curvy doesn't mean i'm lazy/unhealthy (neither does it mean i wish i were skinny!)

That i don't walk around with a smile on my face doesn't mean i'm unhappy or i don't want to talk to you (i'm just shy)

That i wear hair extensions doesn't mean i'm 'denying' my race.

That i pay you a random compliment doesn't mean i want to sleep with you 

That i'm fair-complexioned  doesn't mean i think i'm better than you

That i have an accent doesn't mean i'm 'slow'

That i have mood swings doesn't mean i'm bi-polar!

.........NEVER assume things about people. Nobody walks around with a 'description' manual.


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Well said


Cool story, girl. Sensoring yourself LOL

I honestly believe stereotypes need to be in place. It hardens people to the real world. People are going to hate you and judge you no matter what so you should get used to it early on.

to be judgmental is to be insecure and you seem extremely secure I applaud your great beauty and wisdom. Bravo my dear lady.

Wow! I sooo related. I feel like I've experienced virtually all those things too. Please hang in there, and stay strong. I think racism and the like are for people with lazy minds. You sound really smart. <br />
I think in this economy, we all really need to learn to hang together, or we may be torn apart.<br />
<br />
Peace,<br />
<br />
<br />
Foxy Boxer

You go girl!! You said it!!

Sooo...... True!!!!

Sooo...... True!!!!

Thank you all! We learn everyday and i hope i personally grow and fight myself whenever i unconsciously start stereotyping people

couldn't have said it any better myself !

Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, people cannot be judged by their initial appearance either. I know that too many people judge by first looks and I have also been judged as well in that respect. I agree with all of your statements and I just wish that the entire human race could learn those lessons as well...the world would certainly be a much better place if we did! Hang in there and keep your self esteem up! You sound like someone that this world is much better off for your being in it! I need more friends who think like you do...!

liked this one

There is nothing wrong with being a "geek"!

wow thats hot... ... that is the sort of things i have wanted to say to peopel who judge me.... ur amazing:) and insiration to me :)

wow thats hot... ... that is the sort of things i have wanted to say to peopel who judge me.... ur amazing:) and insiration to me :)

lol! thanks y'all:)


lol! Now i have to feel them...JK!

Why yes, they ARE bigger thank you very much! haha. JK. it's called weight gain sweetheart. lmao.

that one especially irks me! you say something nice to someone,especially girls and they 'put 2 and 2 together'... 'she's bisexual?! No wonder she said that. she wants to get some". Hello?! You're not even my type!<br />
Its like i have to sensor myself... don't hug for too long... make sure my hands my legs don't brush theirs even by accident before they think i'm coming on to them. I don't have this problem with my friends though, they just make jokes sometimes. If i say 'what happened to your boobs? they're looking bigger? i get something like 'Does it turn you on?' lol!

That i pay you a random compliment doesn't mean i want to sleep with you<br />
<br />
haha :)

I think I was given a manual of operation at my point of birth. But knowing my father, he probably said "f*** it" and threw it away. Or stocked it in one of his piles of papers. <br />
<br />
So, if you are Nigerian, do you know someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew people who knew Nelson Mandela?

AAAMEEEN! to people been more open-minded and non-judgemental and quit trying to classify people according to stereotypes!!<br />
@ srj3677 lol!...I would prefer..."that i'm stupid doesn't mean you're smarter..

Okay I was going to write an experience for this group but you nailed it ... nothing needs more to be said , I wills second twisteds amen ....AMEN!

So true. You speak my heart out. Thanks!