Its Just A Label

Stereotype is a label. If you have more than one experience in life it will be hard to stereotype you. The more you have, the more you change, the more you learn from it all, stereotyping becomes almost impossible. But there are those that will try hard to stereotype someone or group anyway. Those who try to stereotype others are saying much more about themselves than they are about the one's they're trying to label. 

Stereotyping is just another form of categorizing. Categorizing is another way to keep ideas, concepts and experiences from over lapping and becoming more complex. Every experience you have, every observation you make, every action you take combines to define you over time. What you are today is not what you will be tomorrow. Trying to label someone to day to "know who they are" tomorrow is foolish. 

Be complex, be deep, live your life through all you experience and never be put down by others who create labels as social crutches for themselves.

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8 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I absolutely agree with you on this...excellent way of putting it. Great examples you used, like how we shouldn't put ourselves or others into categories today to 'know who they are tomorow' articulately said. I wrote a piece of stereotypes under my stories as well..and this subject fascinates we think we can conveniently categorize others and many times ourselves, into little boxes of thoughts ..that ultimately do nothing for us, do not define us...Thx for this post :)

You are different you even spelled Asgard your way!!

I really like this thread and what you guys are talking about!! aesgard you are indeed wise and I wish I could see things as clearly as you. I frankly have trouble following but then again I don't do twitter, blogs etc so am out of the loop. <br />
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Great thread and great comments I hope to hear more.

I think our brains categorize, make predictions, and yes, judgements about all ppl we interact with. And it's actually a good thing! It allows us to remember things quicky, draw connections, contextualize. The problem is when people fail to revise those predictions and judgements when presented with evidence that they are incorrect. So i say, be flexible and adaptive in your stereotyping. But maybe that's no longer a stereotype..??

People just don't seem to live up to that standard... being different every day... or even different from one another in any commendable way.<br />
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Sadly and very disappointing to me, my stereotypes are right to an uncanny level. Even when I stumble across someone that appears to 'break the mold', I soon find out that they came from the same mold most of the population did.

Stereotypes are the products of small minds. Unfortunately, many try to keep things manageable by reducing their imaginations, instead of expanding them.

so well said.

that was beautiful. deep and thoughtful too. thanks for those words of wisdom. I agree with you 100%!