Just Me!

I have never been able to squish into any one niche. I have tried tho. I once tried to be goth, but after a week of no color I felt the need to wear tie dyed clothing and hum cheerful tunes while skipping.  I then tried to fit into the "feminist" group but no bra hurts my boobies so I again failed. I tried to be a butch dyke but just ended up being an obnoxtious neanderthal ( I believe the image induced testostrone got to me)  I tried to be a glam girl and there is not  words that can express how epic my failure was.  I am never going to blend in, and I am done trying to. I just am there is nothing else to it no lable to be sewn on just me take it or leave it either way you will have regrets ;)

azzypan azzypan
22-25, F
Feb 16, 2010