My dad when he was growing up was shipped off to relatives all over, so when my brother and my self was growing up we never got to "spend th night" with ppl in our classes. we never got to go to very many places with out my mom or dad being with us. So all that going on i never had what you would call a BEST friend. All my FRIENDS were distant at best, never felt that i had someone to share questions about bodily functions or anything. I guess that s why it take me awhile to get to talking to new ppl that start @ places where I work. I am praying that i meet my soul mate real soon and the aloneness that i feel will finally be gone!!!!!

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

It is strange.... When ppl have a bad experience as child they try to do the complete oppisite with their own children, and mostly it backfires in another sad experience for the children... Why? Well, we can just try not to be extreme... And of course consider our children's needs through communication. <br />
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I do hope that you will find your soul mate, and that you will take into consideration that this tactic is not good for anyone, do not do the oppisite with your kids and give them too much space. Balance is important in all ways of life.<br />
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Be blessed.<br />