Not Your Stereotypical Black Woman

I hate it when people think just because I am a black woman that I am going to have a bad attitude, an anger problem, or that I am going to have kids by different men. I mean dang people stop watching all these dumb movies and rap videos that portray black women in a negative light. I wish people would just look at the person first, get to know them, and don't assume that they are a certain way based on dumb media images. Or based on other people you have ran into. All people are different. I am a person who doesn't act a certain way because she is black.

cyn19love cyn19love
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

From one Black woman to another. You are you own woman. Who is stereotypical? The media images are extreme and are used to degrade womanhood and race/ethnicity and to judge. The impact is detrimental to us individually and collectively. I relate, and I am doing my part by being my fabulous self. There is not any need to react to the stereotype. Respond by respesting yourself and other women, being an example, and educating the young Black girls.