I'm Not A Stereo Nor Typical!

I'm not a stereo because I sound the same on both sides, and I'm the extreme side of untypical! Labels....it's a curse on the whole human race!! I strongly believe that "Bias" is the greatest downfall of the human existence! It is the perfect breeding ground for 'hate'!

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I really learnt things from the post, comments and the fab article. We desperately need this kind of open dialogue in South Africa. There are so many labels and boxes of many sizes here. Every one of them hateful, denigrating, oppressing, crushing the liberty, freedom and joy of life that should be ours. We are bound, chained, shackled, blindfolded, gagged, tarred and feathered for race, colour with all the varying shades thereof too, culture, traditions, religion, non-religion, faith, sexual persuasion, marital status, societal position, vocation, profession, job, education - including which school/college/university you attended, speech pattern, language, age, sex, and more. I wish people could come together to talk, ask questions, get to know the beautiful differences we have. They are only facets of a stone, revealing the brilliance and beauty and purity inside that piece of rock. <br />
Then again, I know we are not alone in this world. Many countries with diverse populations have the same. It's one time that being part of the norm is completely abhorrent to me.<br />
Long may our differences be evident, but I pray that the time will come when those differences are simply, and only, a thin veneer to the sameness and unity that binds us as one. x@

I'm all for Vibrato!!!lol ; )

Viva Vibrato!!

Sounds very acoustic to me!!

Hi my friend , I was just thinking about how destructive "labelling" can be : scenario :<br />
<br />
A woman walks into a department store and goes looking for jeans ~ she grabs a pair with a ' label ' stating the size she thinks she is , and thinks they will fit ; she tries to put them on and realises they just won't fit.But she's loathe to get the next size up , and leaves , disheartened , and thinking this : FAT. <br />
<br />
We girls do this all the time ~ to our detriment. SIZE is a label , like any other , which is all too often the starting point for eating disorders and low self esteem ~ what is a number , but another means of boxing us in ~ or keeping us out of the boxes we so desperately want to fit into?<br />
<br />
The need for acceptance and the powerful drives that motivate our thinking play the larger part in this kind of social conditioning ~ much to the detriment of the human race. <br />
<br />
Girls ~ just get the jeans that fit and make you feel good , please! Chop out the damned labels and be done with it.

Wow. Y'all really should upgrade to 'quad'. The sound is phenomenal.<br />
<br />
Society is like a pendulum. It swings back and forth. We are approaching a peak right now. When the economics slow, and/or there is sustained war, people in general become afraid. This shows itself in many ways. They become territorial, and defensive. Hoarding to one degree or another. They label others as acceptable, or unacceptable/less than. <br />
<br />
I don't personally fit in a box, and I don't find safety in one. But I can almost understand how others can. This is where our society, in general, is today. Small comfort that it will slowly begin to swing back.

What??? You're not afraid of cats? Shoot - and I thought I have you pegged.

I totally agree, I hate being labeled as well, <br />
<br />
But sometimes I think I am stereo!

Yap, it's only getting worse... People should really read this, they would see there's more to life than just their own beliefs...and they would maybe open their heart to others around them.

We are all different & unique individuals, wish more people would accept that and stop labeling everyone.<br />
Thanks for sharing this articleMM, you're right everyone should read it!....maybe they would learn to accept others as they are instead of judging them.

Great thought! So you sound the same on both sides? Remember, some of the best music recorded was in monotone.

How wise you are Music Mouse. The problem with labels is that people think they know what a word means. For instance, if I say I'm a Catholic...people think they know what I believe---even though they know very little if anything about Catholicism ---it's the same with any belief system.<br />
If you put a name to it--right away people think they know what you believe---all they know is some hearsay, or propaganda ---that has little if anything to do with an individual's spiritual experience. Still, each of us is very much influenced by the culture that we are born into......it is unrealistic to expect folks from different cultures to share your perspective.....In many ways each of us is a complete mystery to anyone else--simply because each of us always sees from a unique point of view.

Yes, I agree, earthlings!<br />
That reminds me, my earthLings page...I haven't been there in a while, but I did go to Funny or Die! hahaha

Are you sure you sound the same on both sides???<br />
You are right, mix bias with ignorance and BAM-explosive situations occur.

Great post ... and I agree with you. I hate to be boxed in by what someone else expects me to be.