Me Neither...

People need to understand that EVERYONE on this planet is DIFFERENT, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. 

I am not your "stereotypical" Black woman, as most of the human population will put it. You see, I watch anime, sports, cartoons, or anything off the wall-I don't care too much about BET (actually I can't stand BET anymore). I listen to all kinds of music, to include international; I have rock blasting out of my car at times-Most rap and most R&B I don't care for because it sucks these days. I wear Oakleys-not Gucci or any other fancy shades. I wear simple stuff like jeans, flip flops and a "manbeater" (lol "wifebeater")-not House of Dereon, Baby Phat, etc. I wear braids, so I'm ghetto? Hell no-I don't wear 5 different colors in my hair and my hair is never 3.5  feet in the air. I don't wear any sort of makeup-I like natural. I don't wear contacts. I wear chokers with emblems and charms-not 3 lbs of jewelry. I don't gossip and get in people's business. I don't speak "slang". After all of this, I am professional and have a professional career. People need to open their eyes and not judge a book by its cover. There are a lot of us Black women out there that like what other people of different cultures like. More Blacks "exclude" me than anyone else. Just to show you ignorance can happen in the same race.

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4 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I appreciate this comment. Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you. Always be you and don't care what others think. Love it!

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I do my own thing and live life. I don't TRY to be different, I just am. I have interest that most black women (and women in general) don't have. I love it, because it makes me more diverse and tolerant as a human. Thanks again....

Thanks!!! Best wishes to you too! Until then...

Great post! People need to discover and BE themselves! Not be shaped by peer pressure, expectations, the media, advertising...etc...etc... <br />
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Best Wishes! Mel