I Don't Fit - That's Probably A Good Thing

Ask most people who have met me but don't really know me and they'd tell you i was quiet, shy and intelligent.

Ask the people who do know me (friends and acquaintances) and they'd tell you i was funny, sarcastic and (again) quiet.

Ask my mum and she'd tell you i was bonkers, stubborn, opinionated, bossy and fun.

Ask my brother and he'd tell you i was funny and the meanest person to walk the planet lol (can't win 'em all i guess).

Ask me... i'd probably whip out some sarci comment and let you figure it out yourself lol.

I've never had a 'group' or a 'thing' i just float between them getting the company and experiences i need and then floating off again - never letting myself get tied down by one way of thinking or being. I think this is a good way to be because it leaves you open to new things and ideas, although it can get lonely sometimes - everyone likes to belong.

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18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010