Im Just Me!

i love this group. i hate to be labled. i put up with it for so many years trying to fit in the "right" groups. i was the hot cheerleader on friday night but come staurday morning i couldnt tell any of my "friends" i was going to be in the duck blind hunting. i dated the QB on the football team cause that was what i was post to do but i cheated on him with the now love of my life. i wouldnt eat alot at lunch or break cause i would like "fat" so i would hurry home cause i was hungry lol. but now my boyfriend and i are at a whole new college. i am on dance line and i and me. they call me the camo princess cause i can be we no matter where i am. i hate lables and i just wish people could be themselves :)

thatonegirl52 thatonegirl52
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2010