When I was in school, it appeared everyone needed a label - goths, geeks, girly-girls - and for the majority of them, you name it I've been it.

I don't see why we should be stereotyped into one group, because how can we be? One minutes I'm in heels with an immaculate french manicure, the next it's black eyeliner with chipped nail vanish. One day I'll be carrying a million books and commenting on the current issues in some far away poverty stricken country, the next I'll be falling over my own feet and asking what day it is.


My appearance, intelligence, friends - they all differ for day to day. Right now I'm just enjoying being whoever I am and I hope everyone else is too.

LoveAndLife LoveAndLife
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Great post. Good to know I am not the only one who feels like a chameleon amongst many others in this world. =)