I Am Not...

  • A **** toy…. Well except for my man.

  • Lesbian.  I have many friends that are and have nothing but love for them but lesbian does not describe me.  I am NOT looking for a female partner.

  • Am not bisexual nor do I want to have a ********* with you and your man.

  • Stupid.  I know the deal.

  • Here to share nude pictures.

  • Going to cyber with you.  What part of I have a man do you not understand?


There are lots of things that I am NOT but these are the ones that I have been frustrated about this past week because of the requests I have received.  I will come back and post more stories as additional things bug me.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks CM. I appreciate your comments here. you are a terrific person. I enjoy you immensely.<br />
<br />
ALY, I am not looking for a man either but I have been accused of being a man here because I wouldn't send the person pix of me too. I thought it was kind of funny seeing as I used to have all kinds of pictures of me posted before I got the stalker, that I have literally met in real life hundreds of people from this site, and that my guy shares EP with me and we make it no secret lol.

You may not be any of those things. But you are a strong, independent woman, whose stories and comments inspire me. Thanks for always sharing so openly and directly.