I Am Nothing Special

Hello, ive never really tried anything like this before but i figure that nothing can hurt. Ever since i was very young everyone had things they were good at and i was always so average. im to the point that i am lost with life and have no idea what to do or were to be. i feel as though i am just a speck on this planet, i feel worthless and a nothing, the constant feeling of not being good enough not having something that makes me a person that makes me a anybody is breaking me apart, i am nothing special and i feel it will be this way forever..
themountain themountain
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Well you're good at writing poetry. :) That's a good start.

hi the mountain-if you are happy to share a little more with me as to how you got to this space-I can try give you some advice based on my experiences-I can hear you are very very unhappy, if you're happy to give me more insight into your past-perhaps we can start there?

Forever is a long time and everything changes. Not being able to imagine a better future is also a symptom of depression, it is like being in a forest where you can't see sunlight and after a while you start to tell yourself the sun does not exist and even if it did you will never see it again. If you think you are depressed, talk to a doctor, if you are of age to. If not, hang on til you're 18, then get some help. If you just need a boost and reassurance, read some Deepak Chopra. No one is insignificant, we are all meant to be here, all linked together and part of a greater purpose.