Wat More To Say Than Whoops

yup.... most of the time not all the time,, i feel numb, plain and simple, when i get in these states i cant even conjure up words, its pathetic, but im not sure how to keep from being overwhelmed when my brain capacity is oh so smaller than usual,,,,, hmm thought to self..... mayb, ive left so many things undone from the past i still stay in this pattern, i never finish or "come to term" with little or big things.... they just linger,,, nevermind, im not making sense now, my brain wants to branch off into 10 different reasons and scenarios and ect. to justify, when plain and simple once again, i cant shake this numb feeling.... its the only thing ever securing ever true ever reliant ,,, ever......... no more.
thsone thsone
22-25, F
Jul 10, 2010