After getting drunk for a few days, I am FINALLY numb, I am finally not feeling any pain. I am finally able to just say **** it, and I don't care anymore...i don't think I have really cared for sometime, but now I can say, Not only don't I feel a damn thing, but I am not caring about anything or anyone right now. That may be beyond wrong, and beyond being a *****, but my REAL friends, will TRULY understand where I am coming from, and why I am at the point of where I am.

I know what I am doing is probably not the most Healthy way of coping with this, or the way of dealing with this, but I also don't think its the WORST way of dealing with things, because you know what, I am not cutting myself, I am not popping pills all day, to sleep through the pain, because I am not feeling pain rigth now, and some may say that is not good, because I need to feel the pain, well you know what, it ******* HURTS. My Heart HURTS ALL THE TIME, and I just CAN'T take it much longer!

I just am relieved to Finally not feel any pain, and to really noy feel anything right now....

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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I dont have to know you to truly understand.I feel exatly that way right now myself.I just do give a **** abut nothing or nobody

may I join in? *hugs tight*

I understand sis. *hugs tight*