My Spirit Is Numb

I am feeling so numb on the inside and out. My fingers even feel numb typing this. My thoughts, my hopes, my wants, my needs all seem unimportant to me at this moment and this feeling consumes me. I'm going to lay here on the couch and let my numb brain consume t.v. Every once in a while my numb legs will take me to the bathroom or the refridge. I choice to ignore my phone and just float above my numb body lying on the couch. All the dreams of childhood flying out the window into the nothingness. Happiness gone out the window. When will this shadow of life be terminated and the restful deep numb sleep of eternal nothing begain.

nurse2nice nurse2nice
31-35, F
3 Responses Sep 3, 2008

there must be a reason lead to the numbness,

Sounds like preliminary depression. BUt it is temporary.<br />
You'll be fine.<br />
<br />
Find something to do to stimulate your brain.<br />
<br />
You are fairly intelligent. I can tell that by the way you write.

That numb feeling is a sign of a void growing inside. You're missing something spiritually. If you go to church, maybe you stopped? Religion and spirituality are close in nature, but they're essentially different. You can be spiritual without religion, but religion allows spiritual fulfillment to come easily. Try doing something that will benefit you and another human being. Charity is always a spiritually uplifting experience.