My Love, My Master

My Master is the only man that I obey. He is the only man who can and will use any force necessary to put me in my proper place. He is the only man that I have willingly given every fiber of my being to. I do not own anything. He owns the clothes on my back, my money, my things. He has the right to tell me when to do something and when not to. I do not complain nor do I question what he asks of me. I never deny him sex. I always have dinner ready on the table. I always swallow every bit of his ***. Good little slaves don't spit. I am my Master's pain ****. He is my everything. Without him I would not be complete. I would be alone in the dark abyss. My Master, my love. My teacher, my mentor. And dare I say my father figure?
DesiSlave22 DesiSlave22
26-30, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

this is what makes a great D/s relationship...good to hear your side