Does A Slave Have A Right To An Independent Life?

In my opinion:

It depends on the Master/Mistress and slave/sub rules - what they agree on - but in general a slave has no right to a free choice of friends or social life. However a Master/Mistress is restricted too because of the lifestyle choice he/she has chosen to live by.

The whole point of  BDSM is to obey your master: so yes if he gives you the right to have an independent life, go for it,  but then what's the point?

However in the Western world life is not that simple, that you have to eat sleep and live, so compromises have to be made for many. Even then, the slave/sub has to ask permission for where work is, what the financial  situation is - who has / controls the earnings - if there is any social aspect (pub/ clubbing) etc and the Master does not have to agree to any or all of these things. He doesn't have to agree to any social aspect unless the kind of work requires a "social aspect" (eg the group pub thing once a month, no partners).

Usually the wages will be handed to the Master as controller of the household.

In the modern society we live in there is divorce, and there will be a lot of children from previous relationships, and even the Master will likely have children similarly, but if you are slave to a Master you still have to ask permission for contact, or having them in your house as your Master still can tell you no. Isn't a nice thing to do, but he/she can. He may decide to give you free choice - but his choice. You should really think this through BEFORE you accept yourself into a 24/7 relationship APE.

When it comes to money he/she may want to have total control over the money and how it is spent, some Masters will allow their slave/sub to control certain aspects e.g. shopping for food etc but you should AGAIN consider the implications of this before accepting to be slave/sub to a Master/Mistress.

So I would say the slave/sub has no RIGHT to a free life, free relationships etc, but the Master/Mistress may give some level of independence with his/her permission but that doesn't not mean they will - some may be unwilling to allow ANY freedom ... so think hard before offering yourself: absolute means everything.

Me personally? I live as follows:

I don't work, I look after my Master 24/7, I do not leave the house EVER without my Master, and I am not allowed to to do so. Financially my Master looks after all the money, however I  do the cooking , so I tell master what is needed. I have no independent life, I don't socialize with anyone except my Master. That's how I choose to live, doesn't mean it's right to live that way for everyone, but it's the way I think it should be.

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Thanks for sharing..this helping me alot im new to this lifestyle.