And Happily So! (A Doctor'S Visit)

So, two days ago, I went to the doctor. He is very attractive, and it was a physical, so I was nervous. (I'll be brief)
I stepped on the scale and it said, in big, fat numbers: 192.
My doctor measured me, did some more standard stuff, and then sat to talk to me about my weight.
He said that he was glad that I gained, because I used to be scarily underweight, but now I was at an unhealthy weight . . . Again.
Apparently my BMI is 35.1, which means I'm obese!! (A healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9.) And my blood pressure is high too.
The doctor then told me to stand up, so I did. He reminded me of my cheer leading days and asked me to touch my toes. I tried, but couldn't get around my belly. I tried hefting it to the side, but couldn't. He just gave me a grim look, and told me to stop.
Then he asked me to grab as much fat as possible off of my stomach. I managed to get a handful.
He told me that I was almost morbidly obese. He then jiggled me and said that if I worked hard my overhang could be gone and I would look sexy again.

If I get a lot of likes & comments I'll add a bikini pic and add a lot of people!
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3 Responses Apr 18, 2013

You are so much sexier now. Bigger women are so sexy. I would never date a skinny woman. I love curves too much. I love it when a bigger woman sits on my lap and I feel all that softness.

Noooo! Keep your belly!


Can you add me. I love to hear your stories

Ok :)