I was shocked when my grandmother said she would get another dog. Our previous dog, a mini schnauzer named Princess Diana died fours almost seven years ago during the Super Bowl. After that many years, getting another dog was seemed unlikely to happen. Then that day she just decided to get another one. I was so excited I had to go with her to pick one out. My choice was a fat little pug who was a real charmer, but my grandmother chose the more docile pug lying in the corner. The first day we had her she slept all day...then after that she was the most rambunctious dog I'd ever been around..sometimes to the point of annoyance. I was only with her for a month before I had to leave for graduate school. I called her Bug because of her bug eyes and it caught on. My grandma decided her offical name would be JuneBug since she was born in June. Throughout her first year I only saw her on holidays and a few other occasions. I was really excited to be around her, but no too attached. It wasn't until I started experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety and decided to move back home that I started to bond with this dog. I don't know if it was being around her most days, but I felt like she always understood what I was talking to her about. It got to the point that I would talk to her more than my family! Everyone could definitely see the bond between us. So much so that I had to get her her own cake on her birthday and threw her a party and I still have to call her when I visit my boyfriend for a few days. I don't even miss my family that much lol. I miss her! She is my best friend. She is smart as a whip, knows many tricks and words, is mostly obediate and is just plain silly. I love her as much as my family and my boyfriend. Today she was hit by a car. I heard a howling sound and instinctively knew somethinig had happened and my heart stopped. I ran outside and she was laying still in the road and I was sure she was gone. So I ran inside to tell my grandmother and chaos insude. I ran upstairs and paced around crying and praying that God wouldn't take my best friend away from me. I couldn't go outside. I ran downstairs to phone the emergency vet and it took me eight attempts because my hands were shaking so bad. And then in walks my dog. A little dazed and bleeding from the eye but normal non the less. I was so relieved I started crying. We still had to make sure she was ok and took her to the vet, who checked her out and told us she was going to be fine. She got hit by her ear and jaw and not her head so she didn't have brain damage. I live on a country road and many cars go by very fast. I don't know if that car was driving fast or if it at least slowed down before it hit her but I think it's a miracle she isn't dead. Of course, now she will have to be on a leash every time she goes out, but I am just so happy she is ok. Alot of people don't think animals can mean as much to humans, but I think I would be sad for a very long time if Bug leaves me. And there will never be another dog like her in my life.
gtonya gtonya
May 17, 2012