Fluffy Dog

I drove out into the country to get my fluffy dog. I was supposed to turn by a tractor or something?? I got lost in the middle of no-where and had to ask people at a church where to find where I was going. I did not remember to ask many questions... He handed me a big fluffy puppy over the fence. She was kinda sand/peach colored. She was like eight or nine weeks old. I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom not long after I got her, she was half asleep. She had no clue who I was and fluffed up and growled like she meant it. She was going to rip me to pieces:) my cute fluffy puppy! I kept talking to her telling her it was me and that everything was all right and she finally calmed down. Since then I have sung her to sleep because it was hard for her to sleep all night at first. Pyrs are usually nocturnal:) She goes with me every where I can possibly take her. I became a veteran of the dog park. Mallow is my hiking companion and protector. If you slow down in your car when we are hiking she sometimes thinks you are after us and will try and eat your car. I wanted a cute fluffy dog and I got much more!
Apartmentpyr Apartmentpyr
Jan 8, 2013