Fairytale Madness

I am obsessed with Alice in wonderland. I love the story! Now, Alice is a fairytale! Most people don't know this. I love how dark and twisted this fairytale gets! You may not realize it, but all fairytales are dark in their own way. "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" I love Alice in Wonderland so much, I even have the even more twisted version in a game called "Alice". Its amazing and I love it!

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Yeah. He went by the name Lewis Caroll, though no one knows what his name really was. He hadn't intended to let it get so out of hand that it became a novel, but Alice, the favored of the girls, begged him to write it down, and he did. Or, that is so I've read...

i do love the song white rabbit, but the person who wrote it wasn't high, he was an oxford scholar who tutored a girl called alice and her sisters he used the stories to try and teach them math, like probability, and analytical thinking.

I heard once that it is a story that someone wrote down while high. The mushrooms were them eating. If you are really into it though, there is a song made about it called White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. It is very good song, so check it out sometime.