I Hope

I hope they found it.  There is a very good chance they found it in Spain, and I'm proud to know that 3 Canadians are part of the team.  I don't know why I want it found though.  It might just be that it iis a part of history lost.
Or it could be that if they find the fabled lost city of Atlantis, that maybe there is truth to some oother old world fables.  And one day maybe we will find proof of magic and dragons and such.  That would be so cool.
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DEAL! Even if they don't find it I'm up for Southern Spain any time!

I don't get that ad. WTF? What a perfect combo.

I can only hope. It doesn't even have to fly, as long as it can flap and hover like a chicken I would be happy.

Haha you know me so well. They're always finding evidence of fossilised species it's just a matter of time.

I was thinking that as I wrote it. That I was gonna get in trouble. But I'm talking legendary dragon. Wings and all.

Tsk tsk fire I thought we'd been through the proof for dragons *shakes head*

Oh, if anybody needs dragon spikes for a potion my bearded dragon is shedding.

Prove it.

But magic and dragons already have proof.