My Guilty Obsession!

     First off, let me start by saying Im happily married!  I have a wonderful husband who truly loves and respect me.  I don't know what I would do without him.   I would say this obession started about a year ago.  I feel I have a decent amount of cleavage being a 40D but I do not feel that its enough!  I think I look ok in a thin t-shirt with no bra but I want to look amazing!  Sometimes when I go to the grocery store early in the morning around 2-3 am to avoid long lines and crowds, I see women in various stages of dress.  I will go without a bra because it is not that many people and I feel extremely comfortable. 

    One of the few times I have been I see women in thin tanks and no bra which is truly a sight to behold!  I find myself staring almost to the point of being impolite.  I wish i could just approach them and tell them how I admire their cleavage without offending them!  To see a woman with a nice pair of big breasts really turns me on.!  I have never been with a woman and I truly do not want to cheat on my husband.  I guess I just want what some women take for granted:  a big pair of beautiful breasts!  I can truly sit for hours on out and look at nothing but breasts!  I just love big puffy nipples with huge areolas. 

   My husband is a breast man so my girls get plenty of attention and are well taken care of, but I wonder what its like to suckle a woman's breast.  To feel that sensation of her nipples in my mouth and me sucking to the point of making her lactate is truly a secret fantasy of mine!  I would love to give and receive nipple stimulation from a woman.  I think that a woman can relate and appreciate the true sensual essence on a level that the man just can't understand.  Please guys don't take any offense to this.  I know men appreciate breasts but with a woman I feel its different.  Can any woman relate to what im trying to say?  If so can you please give me some much needed advice on this matter?  I would be truly grateful for sincere and heartfelt suggestions and comments.



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Oh my am I in the same boat! I am 44 and married (for the FIRST time) to the most wonderful man. We married 6 months ago, have been friends since infancy...he is also an amazing, super generous lover. Fidelity is SOO important to us both but I don't know how he would view this topic??? I have always been very aroused by women's breasts and get so hot when mine are properly stimulated. My breasts are small but my nipples are large and get VERY hard easily. I have gotten very close to climax by having them sucked. I would love to be able to give and receive this beautifully sensual and erotic pleasure to another woman. I know I would get so excited that I would want to go "further" but would be willing to just finish that part myself.
I'm so happy I found this site and look forward to chatting with you all in the future...

I'm so glad someone else feels the way I do. I'm also married but I'm obsessed with big boobs. I love voluptuous women with very big **** and big areolas. My husband knows I like women but not to this extinct. I have pics of big **** in my phone because I really enjoy looking at them anytime I want. I just wish I had a friend who would let me just suck her **** anytime.

Mmmmmmmmm..... Yummy!!!! My awesome hubby convinced me and his best girl friend to have a ********* and I freaking LOVE IT! I went from bicurious to bi!!! She has big **** and we both Loooooove sharing her hottie body!!!!! Gets me sooooo excited!!! Even now talking and thinking about it! Thought it was just about her amazing **** but turns out I love sucking her pie too!!!! 💞😜

I am also obssessed with boobs and nipples of other women.
I want to suck n have them suck me.

Wow, what a good story.
I live in England and I once had some fun with my partner and another couple.
I was not keen but my partner persuaded me.
It had been clear for a while that this other couple liked me - especially my fairly big boobs (34D then) and small waist and it was obvious the lady, Emma liked them a heck of a lot as she always kept staring at them when me met at parties etc and her partner, Rich, often commented on them.
Emma was dark, petite and quite flat chested and about 25 at the time
I am tall, with brown hair and fairly curvy, but not fat and was about 30.
One night, after lots of talking about it they persuaded me to take my top and bra off so Emma and rich could see them and Emma played with my boobs.
For some reason they wanted me to sit up on the edge of the settee so my **** just hung down and out. Emma just played and bounced them around and remarked on how big and heavy they were, which compared to her little perky 34As they were, I guess.
It was amazing and I will never forget it, especially the way they both thrilled over my large dark auraola. It was sooo good.
Then both my partner and Rich got their *** out and stood up in front of me while I *********** them both. Rich came very fast in about a minute all over my boobs, but my partner was too shy and could not keep an erection - which was a shame as he has a lovely tool and much bigger than Rich's one. Think my partner found it all fun but a bit too much.
While this was going on Emma just watched and played with herself and kept commenting about how nicely my **** jiggled as I played with her husband whilst he stood in front of me and after as my partner finished off sucking my boobs, while they watched. It was amazing.
There was no ***** touching, as I did not feel I wanted to do that, despite all the others trying to get me to do that, I just did not feel comfortable. I did give them a flash of my ***** though.
I did not let the other two suck on my boobs.
We did not repeat it because we are in the same circle of friends and we had always agreed it was to be a one off. They since moved away.
This was about 20 years ago but I often think about it a lot now and me and my partner often go over it in our fantasies.
I will never forget it.
I still enjoy it a lot when ladies look at my boobs - I am now a little older and with even bigger boobs 34F so it happens even more and I have more confidence in wearing provocative clothes- but now I have done the fantasy I will keep it in my locker of memories.

I feel the same!! Mmmmmmmm. It has always been a fantasy of mine. I've thought of the Girl Group idea too. Yummy!!

Ok, I'll add my 2 cents, and take it a step further...I too am a straight, married woman absolutely, insanely obsessed with womens' breasts. I have never done anything like act on my obsession, but the older I get, the more I feel the need to actually do this. I've heard the term "**** only" bi, and I I think that describes me to a "T", only I'd have to add "curious" because I've never actually been with a woman and played with her breasts. Sooooo...the step further I was referring to is this...I think it would be AMAZING to have a little secret group of "girlfriends" that share this obesession, locally, and we plan a meet to see where it goes. I am SO not looking to cheat on my husband, not looking for full on lesbian sex; I would just love to get together in a relaxed setting with a bunch of women with big breasts that crave attention from other women. Can you girls imagine a whole group where you have absolutely no ties, no obligation, no anything other than to just walk up to a woman and freely start suckling her breast until you've had your fill, then move on to another who piques your interest, and we could have these little girls nights out every month, 2 months, whatever. So, I'll start...I'm 45, live in MA, have 40 C's, and looking for other women (no teeny boppers, please...say, 30-ish and up?) with at LEAST a C cup and this same obsession. How about you girls? Who's down? Email at Justacuriousgrl at gmail dot com!!!!

In so happy to find that there's another woman who shares my obsession! I too am married, and have, for years, been insanely attracted to women particularly for their breasts. I share the same fantasies you do!
I too am very happily married to an absolutely wonderful man :)

I also love huge breasts. Just to hold and suck on large breasts makes me so wet. I am not a lesbian but always wanted to experience going down on a woman pleasuring for hours.

You took the words right out of my mouth!!

im exactly the same way

I have crushed my breasts with many and intentionally they have also reciprocated ...surprised?. well women do fantasies about breast comparison and playing around. My aunt would love to look at my breasts and i too would stare at them. Craving toget my hands onthem.

Auria, I hope you may experience your fantasies soon. As a man I'm in the opposite with a woman that doesn't want to experience new things. I dream of a ********* too, or just observing a woman play with my wife and then I might join in later.

I can relate, I'm married as well to a wonderful man whom I'd never cheat on. I share your obsession I've thought about it and get off on the thoughts. I find myself playing with my 36DD sucking on them trying to imagine what it would be like with someone else nice big breast and large nips wishing I could see what it's like to feel a hard nipple in my mouth to make them bounce and play with them, I've been thinking about booking a trip to an adult resort for my hubby and I where it's all about fantasy, I hope you find what you are longing for.

tell your husband to cut a slit in his pants below his balls and pull his nuts through that really gets the crow looking

this story made me blush so much, i love it!! i cant imagine what a grocery store is like at 2am haha. I am rather new to EP and recently just made my first group!! Would you mind posting this to it? I'd love this story to be shared with the people in my community <333


Talk to your husband about your fantasies and you may find he is open to that if he gets to watch and join in if you like you both look at my wife's breasts in my profile

If you get to south TX I'll be glad to let you suckle my breasts (as I'm trying to lactate and hubby can't spend enough time with them).

If you haven't started lactating yet try getting a double breast pump and use it on yourself for 20 min several times a day everyday

I completely understand!!! I think that is the main reason I am not a lesbian. I would totally be into the boob thing, not so curious about the other that is required! LOL!<br />
I used to be pretty flat chest- 32A. I have implants now 32DD. Still small though in comparison to a nice voluptious rack. I have always had a thing for breasts. Women are so beautiful. WHy wouldn't we want to try it. I wish my husband would let me just do that. Nothing with the pants off just above the waistline messing around. That would be wonderful! I know I have to get caught looking. I look at them all the time. Its horrible. #1 I am totally jealous and wish I had a pair myself. I still feel like a member of the itty bitty ***** committee! I guess I still am. 32DD is not big. 40D sounds nice though girl!!! Flaunt it. My nipples are pretty erect most of the time. I wsh they were soft more often, they are nice when soft and makes boobs like nicer.<br />
Anyway I totally get what you are saying and I agree- I have kissed a girl once in college. We were actually laying on each other naked. We kissed and she fingered me. I wass 32A back then and just s horrified and insecure about my flat chest and nervous about the situation that I didn't even touch her HUGE breasts. I just layed there. Her kissing was AMAZING! I wish I would have played with her breasts though. It may have satisfied my curiousity some. <br />
I hope your husband is into it. Mine certainly is not!! He is so bible baptist conservative that he doesn't even have any of his own fantasy's. I wish he did. I am so ready and always have been to explore the sensual side with him. <br />
He does let me watch lesbian **** but there is too much focus on the ******. I want to see girls have fun with their breasts. They never show that for longer than 3 seconds so I have given up.

mommaofkids, I hope you may experience your fantasies soon. As a man I'm in the opposite with a woman that doesn't want to experience new things. I dream of a ********* too, or just observing a woman play with my wife and then I might join in later.

It sounds to me like your breasts are absolutely LOVELY. Don't be too bashful around other women. You'll know when you find a kindred spirit and you can pleasure each other.

I think most women if they are truly honest with themselves, wonder what it would be like to taste and feel another womans breasts.... if for no other reason than to see what all the men are so obsessed with! I hope you get to experience an intimate encounter with a woman someday, it is an experience that will blow your mind if you find the right person.

I totally understand !! I'm a straight woman who likes breasts and wants to try suckling. Try talking to your husband and see what he says about your curiousity.

I agree with the story. I am a woman close to 30, Except I have very small breasts, but large puffed nipples. When I go braless, I see men and women stare at my breasts. I don't always enjoy the attention, but breasts are natural. I was curious as to how it feels to suckle a nipple like that, I did, and it felt amazing. It is also pleasurable to receive it from a woman as well, because they are more gentler than men when it comes to nipple stimulation. You should try talking to your husband, he might be open, and realize for you it is a fantasy you want to fulfil, a curiousity.

Janshelle, maybe if u told him with another woman. Just nipple stimulation and some erotic lactation, maybe he would be ok with it. I hope everything works out!

My feelings are so much like yours! I have big boobs (44DD) and often think about sucking another womans breasts and having the favor returned. Im happily married but my husband has "ED" and is unable to have sex at this time. This makes me really want to try this even more but I know my hubby wouldnt allow it if he knew. I just wish he was more open minded than he is.

My husband is the same way. We should talk. Can't do anything about it but we cold vent our frustrations or share our desires.

Email me at I would love to chat with you

similar to my feelings!!

Thank you so much VeritasNow! I really did not want to offend anyone.

I understand perfectly, I'm in the same boat!. I am also married and looking for an anr, chuckyboy is right, most men don't mind if u r with a girl, my husband doesn't like the whole idea of anr but he will let me have one as long as my partner is a woman, which is no sacrifice for me since I have always wonder what it would be like to experience this with a woman.<br />
<br />
The only advice I can give is for u to talk to ur hubby and see what he says and go from theree.

Hi Auria, 40D is enough, I'm sure you look amazing. Of course you're free to post a pic so I can double check.<br />
<br />
Why don't you bring the subject up with your husband? A lot of guys wouldn't care one bit if their wife or girlfriend was with another woman. <br />
<br />
I'm also a breast man and yes sucking *** is great. It's something that I've always loved to do and for prolonged periods of time. I luv the taste of ***. It's something I rarely even see mentioned but yes *** does have a taste. After you've sucked on nipples for a period of time the taste of well, nipple will stay in your mouth for a while.<br />
<br />
About wanting a woman to suck your breast, I can understand it, just not sure I can do it.<br />
You want that really soft state that a woman can get to while sucking which is on a softer level than guys usually.