Passionate About Boxing

I've been a big fan of boxing all my life, and although I haven't been to any live boxing events for over a year, I'm always up to date with the latest fight results and negotiations. I've never really been interested in any other sport (except MMA, but I prefer boxing to that). There isn't a specific division either, I follow each and every weight class and know all of the world champions. Unfortunately not all of the big fights are shown on British TV, but thanks to the internet I get to watch all of the championship fights live no matter what country the event is being held in. I've got a huge set of recordings and have thousands of fights in my collection, and I pick random fights to watch often so that I can re-live some of my finest boxing memories.

Most of my mates follow football, rugby or cricket, but I just can't seem to get into any of them. I don't see the point in watching loads of grown men kicking and chasing a ball around a field, and find that watching 2 guys beating the **** out of each other is much more interesting!

There have been times where I have wanted to get into boxing myself, and I've even started training on more than a few occasions. But in the end I always seem to give up, and find that watching it on the TV is much easier than going through all that gruelling training myself. I do hope to eventually get into it one day, but for now I'm just too lazy so I'll stick to watching my recorded fights and dreaming about becoming a world champion.
Sandbwoy Sandbwoy
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

we should talk sometime I am in love with boxing I could go on and on about it :)

A Nice Story concerning your extreme interest in the sport of boxing. You don't have to be a boxer to enjoy it, just learn a few of the fundamentals of boxing, the stance, punches, speed bag and heavy bag and shaddow boxing. Those things will get you in great shape. And you will enjoy it. You just need to find a boxing friend who enjoys the same things, shaddow boxing and watching a good fight on TV. take care...............