Injustice and Heartbreak

  This is what call it when we go to the coffee shop, for our first chai latte there in months, and... they run out of soy milk. 

     Yesterday was a long one, by my standards. I'd left the house at eight a.m and been out and busy for nearly twelve hours. I was ready for a break, specifically a latte in the dear little fair trade coffee shop. Thanks to my last three months' newbie obsession with coffee, it had been ages since I'd chosen the creamy bliss of milk and chai, and last night that's what I really felt like. 

    So I made my request, handed the girl my TeaZen travel mug, and stood back to watch the miracle of milk-frothing unfold. Instead, she started to pour the soy milk and then went to the fridge for more. They didn't have any more! Arrrggh. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. What is our country coming to??!

   I suppose I should be happy. This means the soy milk really is popular, and that's saying something for a small place in western Newfoundland. Veganism is virtually unheard of here, and if heard of, then certainly not followed. (If you come here, you may here the popular adage "Got to get me moose, b'ye" and they don't mean "get" in terms of securing the poor moose's protection in the national park.) Still, if only for health reasons, more people must be drinking it. I don't treat myself to the coffee shop too often, but I love the place; it's a funky little college hangout where I can muse over the ever-shifting display of abstract paintings and dream of next year when I'll be a university student myself. (Not here, coincidentally, but I'm sure that there are other lattes for me to sip where I'm going.) I expect the students have a lot to do with the rising demand for "alternative" things in the area- such as coffee and tea replacing cow's milk with nutritious, cruelty-free soy.

     And yet, losing my latte dreams last night may have broken me- if I wasn't in personal possession of a milk frother and a fairly good chai concentrate recipe. I'm about to go brew some up, to sip while I start my history homework- and it won't be quite coffee-shop worthy, but it'll be chai.

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Mar 21, 2009