It Is My Life!

Gosh! Color Guard has impacted my life like no other. I can probably tell you that I wouldn't be here if it were for it. My first year I fell in love with it! I sucked at it but I gave it my all anyways. I can say with a little embarrassment that now that I am a senior, I can be look up to and know I am a good example, being among the best, not the best, that belongs to my best friends Jewels. I will never forget my first game lol. (I had a minor panic attack ^^'). I will never forget the feeling of losing when your so close to victory. Last year we didnt make it to state by .5 and this year NOTHING can stop us. But what I love the most are the bonds you make with the people around you and soon before you know it, they are a part of your family, if not all of it.
GuardNinja GuardNinja
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010