Guard Is Unexplainable.

I am in the middle of my 5th year doing guard and it's the best decision I've made in my entire life. I joined as a 6th grader because my middle school's band director tried to get me to do band but I chose to try guard instead. Like I said, best decision EVER. I've met so many people that I know will be life-long friends. Guard is what keeps me going, I've had issues with depression and self-harm since I was pretty young and I've come close to suicide attempts quite a few times and I'll just think about how my guard needs me and I think if I did commit suicide that it'd be like letting them down, and it brings me back. When I'm frustrated, I grab my rifle and take some high tosses to get my feelings out. Guard is a release from all the problems in my life. I know if I need somebody to talk to, there are 25 team mates there for me at anytime. I met my best friend during winter season last year when he decided to try out, we've been attached at the hip ever since. Another thing I love is going to competitions and meeting people from other guards and making friends with them too. My middle school coach (who I am still very close with today) told us that in every guard, there's probably somebody EXACTLY like you. I've found that to be pretty true just by talking to fellow guardies online and such. I don't know what else to say x___x sorry this is so jumbled, I don't think straight very well :C

Okay, bye xx
xSuicideSilence xSuicideSilence
Jan 7, 2012