I'm In Love With My Tech!!!!!!!

I've been in cologuard for 3 years and plan to be in it for the next 3 years and hopefully longer. Anyways, Our current tech started last year and he's the most wonderful tech you could ever have. Not only that, but he's tall, hot, amazing hair, funny, ridiculously amazing at guard, and I can't stop thinking about him! I get excited for rehearsal just so that I can talk to him. I honestly think I'm starting to fall for him. Which is really bad because about a week ago we were talking and he brought up his girlfriend (which I didn't know he had) and said that after he was done with his college guard they were going to move in together...  You have no idea how terrible I felt when he said that! Anyways I just wanted to know if anyone has ever had this problem before?  lol There is wayyyyyyyyyy too much drama in guard!  =D

Sabine13 Sabine13
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Guard=Drama<br />
I learned that my first year too. Oh dont worry some other fish in this sea will catch your eye lol. But yes it is only you hahaha. Have fun and SMILE this year!