MY First Year and Im In Love!!

i love colorguard its my first year and i already want to do this for the rest of my life..

we are starting winter guard this year and i cant wait my first show is on friday!!!!!

if anyone has advise i would be more than happy to take it!!!

colorguardfreshie colorguardfreshie
3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

wow thats exactly like ne right now, (kind of) im gonna be in winter guard this year (although we havent started practice)was ansmd its 2013, and u wrote this in 2009, but i wanna know what its like being a freshie and doing winterguard. was there a lot of freshies?

We have a show Saturday! Do think winterguard is more fun than colorguard? In our show this year we have to cry at one point....

I hope your ready for this year lol!<br />
All I can tell you is to strive to get better and not win. Look at small improvements as well. Sleep with the music in your ears. Be ONE with your equipment and lastly SMILE!!!