A Comfort In Obsession Of Diapers.

Well I wish I could wear them 24/7 for the rest of my life. I know I would strain my self not to use them more only so that when I did let go I could not stop myself from peeing or pooing. I find this some times them most enjoyable thing there is. Besides having to go to the bath room so bad and being able to fall asleep only to wake up peeing and pooing yourself. And if you do it enough times then some times when you don't even want to pee or poo your self you do any ways and then there is the rush and embarrassment of having have it happen when you did not want it to happen. But I also just love to wear a super comfy dry diaper as long as the padding is extra thick of course I have never found such a diaper to wear or know where to get one. But the thicker the diaper the better the diaper I say. I only ow this because I have had up to twenty eight pairs of underwear on once and I just thought a diaper with that much padding would go over even better then stupid underwear...give me a diaper and make it thick super thick padding please. In the service of my country I will wear a diaper if I must lol...no no please allow me to be the first to wear one! I think I want one so thick that no matter what I wear there would be no way of getting away with a lie and say no I am not wearing a diaper...sniff I want one now dam it! oh well I will just slowly sit here and pee my undies sniff....
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

You can make a cloth diaper as thick as you'd like it to be. I fold la<x>yers of Curity 21X40 diapers and use underpants as "holders", with plastic pants on top. Sometimes, I'll wear as few as 3 diapers in there, and other times up to 6 of them. But I've got dozens, so I could make it super thick if I wanted to do that. If you wanted to do that with la<x>yers of disposables, you should slit the inner diapers, so the wetness seeps through to the outer la<x>yers. Give it a try.