I Love My Diapers

Hi everyone!! I am obsessd with diapers...I LOVE the way they feel, so soft and comfortable, and the way they look, particularly on a woman :), and on me. My favorite kinds are the diapers with baby prints...I am an AB and they make me feel more baby-ish. I started at around 6yrs. old and have worn them off and on all my life. Being a DL Isen't just something I do, It's a thrill...exciting and very fun :) I just wish I could take my AB/DL lifestyle to the next level...unfortunately until I find a woman who dosen't mind me wearing diapers and being a baby every once in a while, or wants to join me, or mabey even be my "Mommy"...I can't. But until that happens I will be happy with my diapers and continue to do what I love. :)
lylecanbereachedhere lylecanbereachedhere
22-25, M
Oct 20, 2010