Be Careful What You Wish For

{~ Nyaa! So, this is my first attempt at a fictional story. I don't really have much of a plot line in mind so I'm just going to "wing-it" and see what happens! Hope y'all enjoy it lolz~}


Ivy knew what came next, this wasn't unusual for her any more... She dropped on to her hands and knees and what came next was a feeling that she thought would never feel natural to her again. As she looked up on to the face of her master, who was smiling at her ever so lovingly, and began to release herself into her diaper. "I've... I've lost all control.." Ivy thought as the seat of her diaper expanded with her hot mess.

But it wasn't always this way... About two months ago, Ivy was just a normal, ordinary 23 year old blonde from Florida USA. From a distance, you wouldn't really notice that she was only 5'4'' because of her slender body. She was very well proportioned. "Ivy! Hurry up... We're going to miss the flight!" her friend Kyle screamed from the car. "I.. damn it.... I'm coming!" Ivy yelled out her bedroom window to her friend down below. Kyle always had a small crush on Ivy, but he was too shy to say anything. They've been friends for over 5 years and he really didn't want to risk ruining the friendship with her, even if it meant giving up on love... "****... I'm so sorry Kyle! The power must have went out last night because my alarm didn't go off..." Ivy shrugged and got into the front seat of Kyle's car next to him. "Hahaha! It's cool bro" Kyle smiled "The airport is only about twenty minutes from here so we should get there in time if I-" Kyle SLAMMED his foot to the floor of his Dodge Viper and both of them were glued to their seats instantly! "KYLE!!! WHAT THE HELL?!" Ivy screamed. "HAHAHA! Oh come on Ivy, live a little won't cha'?" Kyle nudged her, but Ivy wasn't impressed because she forgot to use the toilet before they left and that nearly literally scared the pee out of her!

They made it to the airport in less than five minutes! "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee IVY!!!" screamed a voice from nowhere "Huh? What was tha-" Ivy was pounced before she could finish her sentence and she was left laying on the ground looking up at her tiny 20 year old friend Krystal, who was now sitting on her stomach. "Oh my God! I've been like, looking forward to this trip ALL YEAR!" Krystal wiggled on Ivy's tummy, which really wasn't helping her bladder situation. "Yeah..." Grunted Ivy, "we know you have Kryss... did you get the plane tickets for us already?" Krystal quickly grabbed a bunch of papers from her pockets and waved them all over the place "YESYESYES!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She squealed. Krystal helped Ivy back up and quickly kissed her cheek. This made Ivy blush like mad!
Ivy and Krystal have been friends from birth, and during their teenage years they both tried experimenting with their sexuality as most young girls do. But the two of them have always loved each other... Ivy was just too shy to say it in public.
"READY!?" Krystal said in her version of what a quiet voice was, and quickly grabbed Ivy's hand to start walking thought U.S customs. This made Kyle jealous, but he still didn't have the courage to say anything.
After they got through customs, they all met up together... And Ivy's bladder was making itself VERY known to her by this time. "Uh.. excuse me for a second guys. I really need to find a restroom before we take off." Ivy said shyly. "Sure thing bro. We'll meet you at the terminal." Kyle said with a smile.
Ivy quickly walked, following the signs hanging from the ceiling, hoping like hell that she doesn't pee herself in front of all these people! "Almost there... ALMOST THERE!" She thought, but then her heart stopped when she saw it...
'OUT OF ORDER' ... A massive sign taped to the door of the women's restroom. "**** my life!" Ivy muttered, her bladder now becoming like tiny daggers in her stomach. This wasn't looking good. Until she noticed something over in the duty free shops.
"No!" she thought. "No I can't... I can't do that! what if Kyle and krystal notice!?" she reluctantly walked in an picked up the small package. She had no choice, her flight was economy... there wasn't any toilet on it... She shyly handed the cashier the money and walked out with her purchase. "I can't believe I'm doing this!... I can't believe I'm going to wear a baby diaper on this flight with my friends next to me!" She thought as she panicked and wobbled in her step. She found a small locker room near the terminal and she quickly entered and locked the door behind her. After removing her panties and taping up the sides of her very babyish garment, she looked in the mirror and thought "Wow... I look pretty cute!" ... "WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL?" ... She was blushing bright red at the thought. "Cute?" she thought out loud. She was so embarrassed, to think she actually didn't mind wearing it. Ivy pulled up her skinny jeans and looked back in the mirror. The diaper was too small to really notice, and the lines looked kinda like panty lines. "I...I can do this." she thought as she slowly left toward the terminal

(To be continued)
Part 2: (Sorry this took so long to write, I've been of this site for a long time and I hope all off you who liked part one of this will continue to follow the story)

Ivy made her way to her gate slowly, trying not to act like she had a diaper between her legs. To her the crinkling sounds that it made were like an earthquake in her ears, but no one around her seemed to notice. "IVY! Where haz you beeeeen?" Krystal screamed as soon as she saw her. "They've already boarded first class, C'MOOOON HURRRY!!!". Krystal grabbed Ivy's hand and dragged her quickly down the loading tunnel into the plane where Kyle had already taken his preferred seat next to the window. "Ivy, there you are. We were both really worried you'd gotten lost or something. Are you alright?" Kyle asked. "Y-yeah I'm fine. Just needed to freshen up a lil bit" Ivy stuttered, she wasn't very good at lying. Ivy sat down in between her friends and immediately her eyes were wide open with fear. "Warm?" She thought to herself. "Oh God no!" she realized she must have accidentally wet herself a little bit when Krystal grabbed her and made her run to the plane gate. She tried not to focus on it... It wasn't uncomfortable by any means. "This... Actually feels nice" she thought. Already too embarrassed to focus on where her mind was headed, she tried to just act like nothing was wrong.
"Hey Ivy" Krystal nudged "I'm-...I'm kinda ascared." Ivy laughed at how Krystal spoke. "Ascared" she thought, "How can she be so adorable all the time??" Ivy smiled and cuddled against Krystals shoulder "It's alright Kryss, Kyle and I are both here. You have nothing to be afraid about hun." Ivy said in a very motherly tone. Which ironically felt somewhat strange to her, considering her current swollen, warm predicament. Krystal tugged on Ivy's shirt and leaned into her. "Kay, just... Just don't leave me alone alright?" Krystal laid her head on Ivy's shoulder and closed her eyes as the plane took off.

Kyle had been listening to music for most of the trip while the girls slept. His ears were beginning to feel a little sore from having headphones on them for hours so, he decided to take a break. He looked over at the two girls sleeping on beside him, and that's when he noticed something... A plastic looking white band sticking out of the top of Ivy's jeans. "What the -... " kyle said out loud, reaching to examine it further. "it's a diaper?" He thought "Omg she's freaking wet!?" He blushed at the sight of it instantly and pulled Ivy's shirt down so by-passer wouldn't see it. Kyle didn't know what to think, he was both slightly confused and a little bit curious all at the same time, but he decided that it probably would be best to wait until a time when he could ask her in private. He quickly put his headphones back on his already sore ears and tried to ignore it, but he couldn't take his mind off of Ivy. "It's actually... Kinda cute." he thought to himself.

(To be continued)
{Kay guys, sorry about the short part 2, but I haven't had much time to write and as this is kinda just improvised, some days I just don't have the writers "feel". lolz Anyways I hope you enjoy this so far. They should be getting off the plane in the next part with pleeeenty more fun twists :3 Comment if you're enjoying it! Kaythankzbai! :3 }    

(Part 3)

Ivy's eyes opened up and the room slowly began to come into focus like a blurry spiraling haze. It didn't take her long to realize what was going on. "W-where am I?!" She screamed, but there was no answer. She couldn't move, her body was shackled to some type of examination table... Fear began to pulsate through her as her heart rate quickened. "Okay... Jokes over guys. You can let me out now.... " Still no answer... "Kyle? ... Kryss???".... She was panicking! "Heh, you rang baby?" Two dark shadows instantly were standing next to her. Both cloaked in dark robes, she couldn't see their faces. "What's going on?! Who are you???" ... Ivy screamed as her voice began to tremble. The two figures looked at each other and slowly lowered their hoods. "Ivy, baby. It's us! Your parents..." Ivy stared, shocked... "Kyle and Krystal? ... My PARENTS?!" she thought, "something's wrong, this can't be happening!" Kyle began to pet Ivy's hair in a very calming way, she was oddly relaxed by this. "Shhh... you've been passed out for hours sweetheart. We know how you panic when you wake up from all your nightmares. That's why we have you tied down" Kyle said in a loving voice. "I thought you'd be used to it by now, honestly." He walked towards the door, and hit a switch as the entire room became illuminated. ... "I'm ... in a nursery?!" Ivy's thoughts ran rapid, she was starting to feel sick to her stomach. "Oh no! Kyle she's blacking out agaaaaaain!" Krystal said, "That's fine, let it happen. She'll be back to normal soon" Kyle said as Ivy's vision faded to black.

(To be continued)
{Kay! I know, another SHORT part but, I've been super busy with job interviews lolz. How you enjoy the twist! More to come! And as always, I'd love to hear what you guys think :3}
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