It's Fair To Say ...

that I'm obsessed with nappies (diapers). I've never felt guilty about liking them so I've never tried to suppress it and over the years it's grown into an obsession which I've let grow and grow. I remember at about age 4 finding my old cloth nappies and plastic pants in a drawer and being fascinated - but didn't know how to put them on, so they just stayed there in the drawer and at the back of my mind. I rediscovered the joys of wetting and messing my underwear when I was about 11 and used to dream of 'special underwear' which would hold everything in so I wouldn't have to break off from doing other things to go to the toilet. It wasn't long before I realised that nappies were the answer and that I started experimenting with towels, baby disposables, make-shift plastic pants and all the rest.

After I left home, and more especially when I got my own place, I could indulge my interest in nappies more and more. Once I got my own place, I started wearing every night - and have been diapered every night now for about 17 years, and wore more and more often during the day. I've been 24/7 for about 10 years now. I always felt better in a nappy - safer, comfier, hornier, more relaxed - so there was no reason to give them up, but just to enjoy them as much as I could. More recently (perhaps five years) I've had bladder control issues and am now incontinent to the extent that 24/7 is absolutely essential. But my love of wearing and using nappies was so strong that the prospect of being incontinent was something that excited me, and was something I really wanted. Now I often use a catheter so that I can experience complete lack of control and a more or less continual dribble - I'd like to get to the point where I dribble without noticing without a cath so that even 5 minutes without a nappy is too much of a risk.

So now I've got to the point where I'm completely diaper-dependent. Not just physically because of my incontinence, but also psychologically and sexually too. I can't imagine not being in nappy apart from in the shower and manage my life so that I know I'll never be without. I'm not interested in sex unless it involves me being in a soaking wet and probably messy nappy. And I couldn't be happier - my nappy obsession is one of the joys of my life and I wouldn't have things any other way. I love knowing that I will always need nappies because they give me so much pleasure and make me feel so secure that I want them to be a constant presence in my life. So, yes, I'm obsessed with diapers - and don't regret it for even a minute. Now all I need is Mr Diaper Right to come along, who feels the same!
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May 11, 2012