They Are Perfect

i love wearing diapers and also love wearing little girl panties .... love being a big sissy baby girl more than anything..... last week while waiting for my pharmacy to open (pick up refill) i was wandering the store adn discovered the perfect combination .... Goodnight Overnights .... in XL for older kids ... they are equivalent to size 14 in girls (which i can wear) they are very snug but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonderful feeling with pretty print patters front and back THEY ARE PERFECT
babisteffy babisteffy
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

I wear good nights almost everyday. Love them because they're unnoticeable under regular clothes.

That sounds so awesome! I too can wear size 14 in girls and love to wear diapers. I will have to try them out to see how they feel. Please post some pictures of you in them.

Feeling girly in your diapers is a wonderful experience :)

I bet you feel like a princess!