Diapers Rule Me

ok, I want to start a group called "diapers rule me" cause they do. period. they have ruled my life since the very day i was born. I have a love/hate relationship with diapers because they have made me become a diaper boy an unable to control my life because of them. I have not been able to have children because i know diapers will always rule me an i dont want to have to hide from anyone. they have ruined my life because of the way they have turned me into a baby diaperboi. I wish I didnt have this monkey on my back but i do an I will never be rid of it. diapers absolutely hypnotize me an make me loose all control of myself. i have no ability to fight thier urge an grip on me. Ilove them sooooooo much that i am practiacly willing to die for them or anyone who puts me in them. -Tad
shamedbedwetter shamedbedwetter
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I need a young thing like you too play mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Barry, actually, I think i'm the same age as you

you don't look it sorry but we could still have some fun mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Barry, I don't even know where you are. If you are close to ny then maybe we can play

Same for me,I think about them all the time but I really don't mind I just love them so much. If you do start the group I will be happy to join.

hi, cool thanks for the support

I totally relate to you. I kind of feel the same way.