My first time wearing a diaper was when I was only 12. My mom used to baby sit a special ed girl, who was the same age as me and had to wear diapers. I became curious. I wanted to know what it felt like to wear a diaper as a teen, so one day, I stole a diaper from her bag and hid it in my bed, then that night after everyone was asleep. I pulled the diaper out and got ready to put it on. I ******** off all of my clothes, and layed out the diaper. I had changed babies before, so I knew how to put I diaper on someone, so I layed on my bed and lifted my legs in the air. Then I slipped the diaper under my bottom and put my legs down, instantly It felt amazing and my d*ck started to harden. So I quickly pulled the diaper between my legs and fastened the tapes in the front.

It was the most amazing feeling ever, and my d*ck was rock hard, pushing against the soft fabric of the diaper.

I lied in my bed for a while, and my stuffy subside. After that I figured, "hey, she uses her diapers for ****, so I should use them for **** too. So laying back I released my bladder, filling the diaper with nice warm ****.

As the warm **** carressed my c**ck
And balls I instantly got one of the best stiffys ever. I couldn't hold back any more. I reached my hand into the diaper and grasped my rock hard d*ck and started rubbing one out, and hadone of the best or*gasams I ever had.

After I climaxed I laid back. Enjoying the feeling of the warm **** and *** caressing my privates.

I fell asleep in the diaper for a few hours and woke up at about 2am when I went and threw the diaper into the diaper genie and went back to sleep

I've had many diaper experiences since them
Ediaperboy Ediaperboy
18-21, M
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Perfect experience for a young boy!

Careful, they're addictive...but I bet you know that.