Bought Some Adult Pull Ups!

Well, a while ago i had bought Walgreens brand kids sleep pants (pull ups).  Well after wearing them a bunch I decided I wanted to try actual diapers.  I went to Walgreens with the intent to buy adult diapers with tapes and the plastic cover because they are more absorbent than pull ups.  I bought a few other things and then went to the incontinence aisle and stared at the selection for the longest time, but could not for the life of me find any actual diapers, just guards and pull ups in adult sizes.

Sadly I picked out a pack of adult pull ups and went to the register and payed for them, though I asked to have them rung up separately so it seemed like I was buying for someone else.  I've tried the pull ups a few times an they're alright, but it irritates me that they don't have tape up diapers.  You would think they would because they have them on their website.

Living in the dorm setting I am not going to risk buying online, plus the fact that my parents still watch my bank accounts, which is irritating, but also helpful in its own way.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

What i do is i got a wal-mart pre-paid card you can reload w/$.....and i paid for a P.O. box ....and then i 'am able too order Bambino Diapers and Booster pads and Plastic pants from Fetware.........and pick them up when i go home....and then i wear when i'am in my Big truck.

iff thay have them on the web why not by them that way?

one of the ppl iv meton here likes diapers and after we got to no ech other he adopted me as hes foster bro we got that mutch in comin and he wont me as his roomate in calege so that he'll be abl to get diapers + we would both be in them to save on the woter bill ( the colige hes going to has no dorms so we'd be in an apartment and evry one in my house and ppl at school no i like diapers im opin about it dont get made fun of just get askt a lot of questions<br />
<br />
but forchenetly my parents wont let me have them they thingk its rong<br />
so i buy them and sneak them in whin i get the munny<br />
<br />
you no hats werd cus i always get the tapeon diapers at walgrez neex time you go ask en emplyee its nuthing to be embarest about if you play it off as not for youlike you do at the regester<br />
<br />
sarry bout my spelling i hope your abl to read this