Yes, I'm Crazy For Cartoon Network And Disney Movies

Oh, I love it. These days, I have quit watching tv so don't know about the new cartoons. but they aren't good either.

I remember watching cartoon network 12 hours a day some years ago, I guess some 8 years back.Those old cartoons were the best. I even remember their Time schedule.

At 6am- dexter's laboratory, then at 9am- Talesspin, 9.30- Duck Tales, 10am- Garfield and Friends, 10.30- Heidi- Girl of the Alps, 11am- Tom and Jerry Kids, 11.30- don't remember- maybe Little Lulu show, 3pm- The Flintstones Show, 3.30- The Jetsons, 4pm- Swat Kats, 4.30- Scooby Doo, where are you or Scooby and Scrappy Doo, 5- Dexter's Lab and later on Pokemon, 5.30- What a cartoon Show or I am Weasel, 6- Micky and Donald or litle Mermaid or Johney Bravo, 7pm- Aladdin, 8pm- Scooby Doo and at 8.30- The Popeye the Sailor show. and at 9, there would be TNT channel insted of cartoon network. They used to show some good black and white movies.

These cartoons brought so much happiness to me. They made me laugh, made me forget all worries.

Can you believe, most of the time, I was in front of tv but still scored good in my school exams. so my parents didn't worry about me.  I hated going to school though I was good at studies. (Now I hate going to work ). It was great fun staying home watching something, reading some book, painting (You can see my paintings of that period in my album ) or doing something creative. I loved it esp when it rained and I was at home sipping at my tea, eating icecream, chatitng with my mother. It was so wonderful.

Those days were so beautiful. I miss those days terribly because they aren't going to come back. I want to be a child again, ignorant of everything. I used to dream and didn't know life would be so difficult.

Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
Jul 11, 2010