Oh Brother!

Hehehe...here it is...a cold and cloudy Saturday morning...my shoulders and back aching from work yeasterday...and all I can think at this point is, I have to get to the golf course so I can destroy my game again!!! The bad thing is...I'm looking forward to it...BIG TIME! I went last weekend and cosistently shot worse, all weekend, that I ever have over the past 25/26 years....seriously...EVER! One would think that I should take some time away from the game, and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it....Nah!!! I know what was happening, I just couldn't stop myself. Head trip city, is where I was...and probably will be this weekend also. Everyone knows, that when a duffer like myself, gets into that place...he stays there for a while. So today, in the cold drizzle, I just want to hit the ball, well or not, I have absolutely no experctations of par, or even bogey.
This time last year, I would be upset if I didn't have a few birdies, and several pars mixed in with the bogeys and double bogeys. I haven't seen a birdie in several months, and I've not missed but maybe two or three weeks without playing...if the course was open...I was there...unless I was working...then I just wanted to be there...LOL. The reason my scores have gone to the crapper is I have changed everything about my swing, and my stance...so now I'm just looking for that consistency again, and I'm sure I'll find it. I really need to get out to a driving range, but the nearest one is twenty miles away, as the one in our town shut down...that would help me a lot, to get that muscle memory going. But, until they either re-open it, or I move to a town that has one, I'll just keep working it out on the course...it'll come eventually
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 13, 2010