I Guess Its Pretty Bad

Here's why. I am down in my back right now...have been for a few days. I took the day off to lay around and rest, which I did do. While I was laying around, I played Tiger Woods 06 all day. Then my wife got off work early and wanted me to drive her around the golf course while she played. So I said "go ahead and throw my clubs on the cart, and I may hit a few" ....yeah right!!! Hit a few!?!? I wound up playing an entire round...with a modified swing obviously...and the only part of my game that was off, surprizingly, was my putting. For the first time in forever, I hit all but two greens in regulation. I was actually hitting the ball straighter and farther than I can ever remember. It was painful, but a lot of fun for me. My back is still hurting bad today, but it is better. If it were not snowing today though, I would've been out there, probably playing badly again, and hurting myself even worse.

I did spend a good portion of the day, because of the weather, watching the golf channel and NBC PGA coverage, and playing my Tiger Woods game. So even though I couldn't get out and play today,...I still kind of got my golf fix...sort of.

I'm not sure why I keep playing, I used to be ok at the game, and then I started trying to improve. By trying tips in my problem areas of my game....now my entire game is suffering. I went from a couple of birdies and a few pars per round, to I haven't seen a par in a while...but I have fun when I have a few good shots in a round, but I still have many, many terrible shots when I play
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 20, 2010