Favorite Holiday.

Halloween is such a fun day.  I even dressed up last year and trick or treated, but I won't be doing that again.  I got plenty of dirty looks and remarks.  Oh well.  I was more in costume than most of the kids. 

When I have children I plan to make it a big celebration.  We'll decorate the house, carve pumpkins... Then on the big day we'll have pizza, get all decked out, then go for the candy.  Then we can come home and make caramel apples woo!  I'm gonna have so much fun when I have kids as an excuse.

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I love it too, but mostly for the kids. I spend way more then I can afford to. Last year I made the costumes Dr.Suess was the theme. I can't afford to do the costumes this year. But we will hand out candy. And do any other activity at the table.

haha, lucky for us, alot of the candy was in bowls on front porches. This one house had long tables in their driveway with endless bowls of candy. I was so overwhelmed I grabbed three candies and left!<br />
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I want to dress up this year but I won't be trick or treating.

One year when my daughter was in high school...Her and her friends went out.....Well they came to a house with a sign at the door...."Do not knock if you are tallere than this sign......So they all got on their knees...and rang the bell....Well they were all dressed real cute...and they got the candy that they wanted...And a real big laugh

Yes, I was born October 15th, so it is also my favorite time of year. It's such a fun and exciting time!<br />
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Haha, I always go out. I have little brothers and sisters so I take them trick or treating so I have an excuse =P

My daughter was born October 17...So Halloween is her favorite time of the year...She decks her house out.....and waits for her trick or treater ....The first year she had her house...He was her only one....So now each year...She waits for him....And he gets what is left in the bowl...And that is lots....<br />
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Year 1...one trick or treater...Year 2...was 3.....and not after five years....She got a whopping 14 kids....<br />
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I am going to feel real sorry for her when she does not see her trick or treater...For there will be a point that he will not come...And I think that it will make her sad....Would be a bit like losing one of her kids...Even if she olny sees this one...For two minutes a year....He was her first