Anyone else obsessed with history???

I have always been obsessed with history. My two main obsessions are the American Civil War, and Louis XIII 's marriage to Anne of Austria. I would love to one day publish one of my historical novels :) Anyone else obsessed with history?? Which period and what people in particular???
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Well I've just started doing genealogy on my family and have about 30 pictures now from the mid to late 1880's - 1900's.

When you get into Genealogy it really gives you a flavor for of my ancestors had four wives - FOUR.

Two families (same family two houses / brothers that lived near each other) each had two kids killed by Indians.

My mother was born (and adopted in NY and not MO).

I was born out of wedlock, but a lot of people were I am finding out.

Several family members fought in the WWII, WWI, The Civil War and I have even found a relative that fought in the Revolutionary War against England.

One worked as a cook on a steamboat, most were farmers, one was a Mayor of a small Midwest Town, one was a Counsel man, one a school principal and another a teacher, one lived to 103, most to 90 (women) 70's (men). One was killed at the battle of Little Big Horn, and one was a US President.

My father was actually wild in his youth - I only knew him as a quiet, conservative, kind man.

With what my family has done I could write a book, it would be full of scandal, adultery, bravery, heroism, romance, blood, sweat and tears - the pictures are really interesting.

The US President was a famous one too. I'll give you a hint, He was the fifth President of America and served two terms.

Wow, if that all is true that is awesome:) I too would LOVE to get into studying the genealogy of my family,but right now I so not have the time money, or my great granparents last names on my fathers side.
You should honestly consider writing a book about your ancestors. It would be hard to do all the research, but it would be very interesting and close to your heart. Tell me if you actually plan to start writing :)

Well some of it would be embarrassing. My father as I remember him was a gentle, quiet, laid back, kind and decent hard working man. BUT - He was married to another woman and not my mother.

Another, well a few of the men in my father's family were roaming Casanovas.

My mother was adopted and I had thought she was born in MO (like me) but no, her and her adoptive parents were from NY.

A lot of skeletons in my family's closet.

As soon as I was orphaned at 9 my life itself was sort of like Oliver Twist and I don't care to relive my past, it's too painful. I am a survivor of multiple types of abuse and like Grandma told me, "Sometimes it's best to leave rotting corpses buried.

I'll post on here if I do write a book though. My husband says I should as well.

Also, you could change the names and leave out parts that are hurtful for you to think about. Maybe you could create a work of fiction based on true events. I have not even begun to research (although my mother started) but I've already found out some disturbing things about family.

After researching multiple family trees, almost everyone has skeletons in their closets. My biggest mystery is my mother was adopted and because both she and I were born out of wedlock, and with the two states involved, our birth certificates (which contain the names of the biological mother and fathers) is sealed.

I can get a certificate of live birth but not a copy of either my or my mother's actual birth certificate - and yes I've contacted a very good lawyer.

There's a lot on my mother's side that is very well hidden, on purpose.....

On my father's side, most were very quiet, went by the book, honest, decent folk.

But here and there, like finding out my father was in a reformatory during the 1930/32? US Census was disturbing, seeing under occupation: "prison laborer" was shocking because when I knew him (in his 50's) - he was very hard working, nice, quiet (soft spoken), polite, gentle and just a really nice person who always wore a suit (not expensive, like from sears).

But almost everybody, in fact everybody I have investigated has at least a couple wild ones in their family tree.

Anyway, I would rather read than write a book. Now that I am retired, I have in my library about 300 paper books and about 2,000 e-books (I have bought legally).

I could read at a first grade level my first day of first grade (Grandmother taught me to read and write at 5-6 / phonics method). I read about 1 book a week, unless it's like War & Peace or Mein Kampf - those and some of the basis (very beginners) quantum physics take me a lot longer.

I also have two dogs we rescued from shelters and they require, just like a child, quality play, scratch & talk time.

Everyone has their own story............maybe you should write yours, I bet you're at least as interesting or more so than me.

I use to want to write but now I'm into reading, genealogy, gardening, home repairs (simple stuff) and cooking.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll just sit down and keyboard my life history all out, one never knows what the future holds. ;)

I really would love to write out my families history, and maybe one day I will but it is so stressful to think about compiling all that information :P
I would love to read a book a week, but it's been taking me a lot longer to read lately. I have ten books that I got for Christmas that I am in the middle of reading and a ton on my Kindle that are waiting to be read. I'm also in the middle of writing 2 books and they require tons of research too.

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